यूपी पुलिस ने 10 करोड़ की पकड़ी व्हेल की उल्टी, जानिए क्यों होती है ये इतनी महंगी-UP Police caught whale vomit worth 10 crores why Ambergris very costly

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  • Whale vomit is in demand in the Arab countries
  • The price of 2 kg of ambergris is 2 crores.
  • It is a rare and expensive thing

Ambergris: Uttar Pradesh’s Special Task Force and Forest Department police have nabbed four persons with ambergris worth Rs 10 crore. You can also call it whale vomit. Of these, 4 people have been arrested on the spot. STF has arrested these four as part of the operation. The team from the Special Task Force had reached the smugglers as customers. The team requested the accused to bring only ambergris outside. As soon as the accused handed over the whale’s vomit to the team, the STF arrested the four.

Let us tell you that under the Forest Department Act 1972 there is a ban on the sale of whale vomit, that is, understand in simple language that this Act is a crime. Now the question must come to your mind why this whale vomit is so expensive after all that is going on with it. So let us give you complete information about it.

Why is vomiting so expensive?

Amber is also called liquid gold or liquid gold. Whale’s vomit is sold in crores, before this gold and diamond also become cheap. Ambergris is a waxy substance released from the intestines of whales. Aquatic life experts call it cetacean feces. Experts say that there are many types of such things in the sea, which whales swallow but are unable to digest, due to which they vomit some such substances. These also include whale vomit. It is gray in color. Cosmetic creams are made from its feces, which are sold very expensively.

The pharmaceutical companies also buy its feces in large quantities. In addition to this, companies that manufacture expensive perfumes also use feces in their products. Whale vomit has been in demand since time immemorial. Sex experts say that it is used in the manufacture of most sex-related drugs. This is a rare and expensive item. For which people are ready to give millions of rupees.

what is its price
If we talk about its price, the price of 2 kg of ambergris in the international market is 2 crores. The defendant from whom the ambergris was confiscated had 4 kg 200 grams. Ambra is a French word. Ambergris is usually extracted from the stomach of a dead whale.

Huge demand in Arab countries
Whale vomit is in demand in the Arab countries. There are many such companies out there who are ready to provide the requested amount. Let us tell you that in Arab countries perfume is made quite heavily. And whale vomit is the main ingredient needed to make cents. Its smell is pretty useless, but as soon as it comes into contact with the air, the scent fills the air.

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