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Sanjay Gangwar (file photo)

UP Sugar Mill Scam and Minister Sanjay Singh Gangwar:There has been a tussle between the Prime Minister and the head of the mill over the alleged scam of crores of rupees in the sugar mill in UP. The battle between the two has now come to the front. Because of this, there has been an earthquake in UP politics. This is the first time in CM Yogi Adityanath’s tenure that a major allegation has been leveled against each other in front of the media regarding the scam involving crores directly between one of his officers and a state minister. Due to the coming of this matter there has been an earthquake till the fifth floor in Lucknow. Now what Yogi Adityanath will take regarding this will be a matter to be seen. On the other hand, the opposition is now making a strategy to surround the UP government in this matter.

In fact, the case is related to LH Sugar Factory Limited located in Pilibhit, the parliamentary constituency of Varun Gandhi, where its top leader KB Sharma has leveled serious allegations against Sanjay Singh Gangwar, minister for sugarcane development and sugar mills in the Uttar Pradesh government and municipal MLA on Thursday. He said he was pushing the malls to take sugarcane haulage, baler mud and other contracts. This allegation made by the manager of the sugar mill against the Chief Minister has certainly created a problem before CM Yogi as well. At the same time, the Prime Minister has flatly rejected the leader’s claims and has made serious accusations against him. Who is telling the truth and who is wrong, this decision is possible only after investigation.

The Prime Minister made this counterattack
On the allegations made by the chief executive of the sugar mill, Gangwar told reporters that everyone knows that the management of the mill has done a scam of crores of rupees and they have started this drama to influence the investigation. That is, the minister has directly alleged that there is a scam of millions of rupees in the sugar mill. This has made the matter very serious. In such a situation, the opposition has also got a new question to surround the sitting government because this allegation has been directly made by Yogi’s minister about the top manager of the sugar mill. In such a situation, after a high-level investigation into the matter, it is believed that major steps will be taken.

The top management said the minister pulled by holding the collar
Reacting to the allegations by the MoS, principal KB Sharma, while talking to reporters, claimed that he was threatened with life by the MoS and he dragged me from his residence to the government office by the collar. Said that it would be difficult to operate the sugar mill under these circumstances. In response, Gangwar told reporters that everyone is aware that the mill’s management has carried out a multi-crore pesticide scam, scam in the name of buying sugar mill land, as people had complained to him. The minister said that he informed the government about the entire episode after which the investigation started and this ‘drama’ is being made to affect the investigation. He also talked about filing a defamation case against the main leader.

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