मोदी का मिशन 2024 पूरा करने में उत्तर प्रदेश निभाएगा सबसे अहम रोल

BJP is working organizationally, which is also getting full benefit. If the BJP is making rapid progress across the country, the biggest credit goes to Uttar Pradesh, which has been filling the BJP’s pockets with votes since 2014 till date.

It’s time for general elections. About two years left. So there is no political movement in the state regarding the election. Be it Samajwadi Party or Bahujan Samaj Party or Congress, the leaders of all political parties are currently sitting in air-conditioned rooms creating a political uproar. No party leader is worried about how he can regain his lost base or stop the insurgency going on in the party. If one is involved in nepotism then the ED’s ‘hunting’ is going on. While in the game of politics, the Bharatiya Janata Party has the ‘bat-bat’ at this point. Their support base continues to grow. Many states, including the Centre, have their governments or are part of coalition governments.

BJP is working organizationally, which is also getting full benefit. If the BJP is making rapid progress across the country, the biggest credit goes to Uttar Pradesh, which has been filling the BJP’s pockets with votes since 2014 till date. Whether it is the Yogi government in UP or Modi at the centre, BJP’s graph is constantly increasing in both places. Not only that, now Yogi’s ‘model’ of Bedlozer development is being discussed across the country more than Modi’s Gujarat model. Many states are implementing Yogi’s development model in their own states as well. The Yogi model is getting a lot of headlines especially for improving the law and order situation. Now it is being said that if Modi’s face is ahead in the entire state to win the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Yogi’s face will join Modi’s in UP as well. Because the people of Uttar Pradesh trust Yogi as much as the people of the country trust Modi. That is why from now on in the general elections in UP, both Modi-Yogi faces will try to win the hearts of the voters, while party strategists will take over later.

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Although the BJP had already prepared the blueprint for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 strategy, the emphasis was on training at the BJP’s state training class held at Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh over the last three days (July 29 to 31). Organization is more. To put this strategy on the ground, BJP General Secretary Sunil Bansal took concrete steps. The message of ‘Work for all in BJP’ was given by state general secretary Sunil Bansal, from which it can be inferred that with the appointment of a new state president, there are going to be major changes in the organization and give new workers a chance. The new state team will bring the electoral structure to the ground. This work is expected to be completed soon. Anyway, training of workers and office bearers is a traditional activity of the BJP, but this three-day state training class is more important as the party is in the mood to prepare for the Lok Sabha polls. Aiming to win 75 out of 80 seats this time and with the audacity to win all 80 seats, the BJP has trained workers at the state, district and mandal levels. He had training classes and finally trained the state level officers and ministers of the state government.

BJP strategists are putting all the emphasis on keeping the BJP strong among the masses, public welfare schemes, coordination of the government and organization to reach out to the needy and framing the opposition for its mistakes. It is believed that the Yogi government will soon be reshuffled to oust ministers whose connections on the ground are weak or whose utility would be greater elsewhere, while a change in organization is also possible. Due to the principle of one person, one post, the current state president Swatandar Dev Singh will have to vacate the post. Although Swatantra Dev has resigned, his resignation has not been accepted yet. Swatantra Dev is currently the Jal Shakti Minister in the Yogi government. A new chairman will be appointed soon. Along with this, new teams will also be formed in the state and six regions.

According to BJP insiders, there are many such leaders sitting as general ministers and vice presidents in the state executive, who come from one or the other district quota, but are not active in their own districts. All. For instance, many outside leaders have been found in Lucknow’s own quota. This time office bearers who do not have such grassroots connections may be given posts like regional general secretary, vice president and minister along with other assignments. The same team will be responsible for achieving the target of the Lok Sabha elections by taking the election campaign to the ground.

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As for the opposition, the opposition cannot move beyond the era of accusation-rebuttal. No leader or party has time for introspection or observation. Brainstorming means observing oneself and knowing oneself is very important, but on the contrary leaders spend more time showing a mirror to opponents. Scholars say that a man should think about his merits and demerits. Only by doing this man can develop the country and society properly. Freedom from its evils is a condition for building a clean society, but the observation has become dishonest in today’s politics. That is why the leaders of all the parties remain immersed in ego even after defeat in the elections. People think stupid. Doubts are cast on the verdict given by the public vote. Leaders of all parties are doing this without exception. No one is alone. The only difference is that the party and the leader are discredited and some remain famous.

The special thing is that on the one hand BJP’s winning streak is going on, but it is not satisfied with it. She does not shy away from doing her best to win every election. In the recently held by-elections, the BJP registered landslide victories in Rampur and Azamgarh seats, which are considered SP strongholds. Now BJP has started preparing for the next 2024 battle. It is being said that the BJP high command has made a strategy for the 2024 general elections to specifically focus on those 14 seats which the BJP could not win in 2019. Rampur and Azamgarh have also been included in those seats despite winning the by-election. BJP aims to win all 80 seats of UP in 2024 Lok Sabha elections. After winning the Rampur and Azamgarh Lok Sabha by-elections, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also said that the BJP will win all 80 seats in the state in 2024. BJP has already started working towards this goal.

BJP has prepared its strategy on the seats lost in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. While BJP is consolidating lost booths on one hand, on the other hand it is strategizing to work on social concerns. BJP has decided to launch booth empowerment campaign with the aim of strengthening its weak booths. Under this, BJP leaders, MPs, MLAs and other local public representatives as well as office bearers of the party have been entrusted with the responsibility of strengthening booths by visiting all the districts. In this order, Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has been given the responsibility of Saharanpur, Nagina and Bijnor while Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has been given the responsibility of Rae Bareli, Sravasti, Ambedkar Nagar and Mauni. Apart from this, Minister of State Jitendra Singh has been given the responsibility of Moradabad, Amroha, Sambhal and Mainpuri. The special thing is that all the seats in which Jitendra Singh has got the responsibility are occupied by the SP. Union Minister of State Annapurna Devi has been given the charge of Jaunpur-Gazipur and Lalganj Lok Sabha constituencies. These leaders will discuss the party’s ongoing election strategy at all these meetings. All the above ministers have to stay for three days in each Lok Sabha seat area. Feedback will be prepared at each seat. This feedback will be placed before the central leadership, which will also mention the reasons for previous defeats. Apart from this, all the MPs and MLAs have also been given separate booths.

– Ajay Kumar

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