मैनपुरी में मुलायम की विरासत, रामपुर में आजम की सियासत दांव पर, UP के उपचुनाव तय करेंगे दिशा UP by-elections Mainpuri rampur Khatauli seats Will set direction for bjp and SP for 2024 lok sabha

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UP by-elections

In Uttar Pradesh, by-elections are to be held in two seats for the Legislative Assembly and one seat for the Lok Sabha. This election will prove to be a litmus test for both the ruling party and the opposition. Lok Sabha elections are to be held here in 2024. In such a situation, the by-election results will be useful in deciding the state and direction of the parties. Mulayam’s legacy in Mainpuri and Azam’s politics in Rampur are at stake. The pressure is on the BJP to withdraw the Khatauli seat MLA from his membership.

The battle for the complementary view of the three mandates

According to political pundits, it is a battle of perception on the by-election of all three seats for BJP and SP. Talking about the Mainpuri seat, due to the Yadav majority, this seat has been occupied by the Mulayam family for the last two and a half decades. The BJP has been working on these areas, which according to 2024 are called Yadav Land, for a long time. For this reason, he first made Subhash Yaduvansh the president of the Yuva Morcha after sending Harnath Yadav to the Rajya Sabha from Etah. So by making MLC it is trying to attract this vote bank to itself.

BJP eyes SP’s core Yadav vote bank

The BJP has set a target of 80 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. To achieve this, he has drawn a fine line. Since the 2022 assembly elections, BJP’s eyes are on the core Yadav vote bank in SP. BJP has devised a strategy to feed the ‘lotus’ in the Yadav belt in 2024 after SP won in Azamgarh through Dinesh Lal Yadav alias Nirhua. In such a situation, through the death anniversary of Chaudhary Harimohan Yadav, a close aide of Mulayam, a maze has been created to break into Yadav’s vote bank for SP to fulfill the BJP mission 2024.

Girish Yadav won from Jaunpur, reinstated in the Council of Ministers

According to a senior BJP functionary, from Kanpur to Etawah, Kannauj, Farurkhabad, Firozabad and Agra, Chaudhary Harmohan Singh’s Yadav is dominating the vote bank all at once. In the assembly elections, attempts were made to create a climate in his favor by joining Harmohan’s grandson Mohit Yadav in the BJP. Following this, the Prime Minister’s virtual participation in the death anniversary of Harmohan was a big message to the Yadav class. Along with this, the BJP, which is trying to garner Yadav votes, has given Girish Yadav, who won from the Jaunpur seat, a seat again in its Council of Ministers by Chief Minister Yogi.

According to political analysts, spirits in BJP are high after defeating SP in Azamgarh and Rampur Lok Sabha seat by-elections. Recently, the party again defeated SP in Gola assembly seat. Now eyes are on the Mainpuri Lok Sabha and Rampur Assembly seats. In Mainpuri BJP is somehow trying to polarize non-Yadav and non-Muslim votes. The state general secretary organization Dharampal has recently asked for feedback from the workers in Mainpuri as well as to get involved in the election preparations with full force. BJP knows that if it wins these elections, then the enthusiasm will remain intact till the Lok Sabha elections.

Akhilesh Yadav’s wife Dimple in the election campaign from Mainpuri

On the other hand, if we talk about the Samajwadi Party, then Mainpuri and Rampur have been their traditional seats. Akhilesh has hit many targets with one arrow by fielding his wife Dimple from Mainpuri. Akhilesh has played this bet to save his legacy and deal with the core selector. Rampur is the stronghold of Azam Khan. Following the cancellation of his membership from there, the responsibility for the by-election there currently rests on his shoulders. If SP sources are to be believed then his family or any other special person of his may contest the election because Azam Khan is a multiple time MLA from here.

Now SP’s election victory is linked to Akhilesh’s personal prestige. It is also because if SP loses in Akhilesh’s stronghold, it will be his personal loss, but here if BJP grabs the seat from SP, then it will be considered as an additional advantage for him.

National president strategizes for Mainpuri, Rampur seat: SP leader

A senior SP leader said the Samajwadi Party is in the fray with full strength. Learning from the results of the last election, the National President is planning a strategy for the Mainpuri and Rampur seats. I want to campaign myself. Tej Pratap and Dharmendra Yadav have been roped in for family unity. Senior political analyst PN Dwivedi says the by-elections on all three seats in UP are important for the ruling and opposition parties. Its results will decide the direction of the Lok Sabha elections. In a sense, these elections will prove to be a litmus test for all parties.

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