मुंबई एयरपोर्ट पर कस्टम विभाग ने की शाहरुख खान से लंबी पूछताछ, जानें क्या है मामला

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was stopped at Mumbai airport and questioned for almost an hour. He has been questioned for not paying customs. This was with regard to customs watches. When he returned from Dubai, he was stopped at the airport.

Shahrukh Khan, the ‘King’ of Bollywood, faced action at the Mumbai airport for violating customs rules. In fact, on the late night of November 11, Shahrukh Khan returned after attending an event organized in Sharjah, Dubai. Meanwhile, not only Shahrukh Khan but his entire team was stopped by the customs department officials.

The customs department also questioned Shahrukh and his team for an hour. According to the information, Shahrukh Khan’s manager Pooja Dadlani came out of the airport after an hour. However, Shahrukh’s bodyguard did not come out for a long time.

Know what’s up

According to the information, the team of customs department has questioned the team on the issue of non-payment of duty on duty worth lakhs of rupees. All have been released in the morning after being questioned by customs. Along with this, the customs department has also collected the payment of a customs fee of Rs 6.83 lakh from the team. This amount has been taken for precious watches worth Rs 18 lakh. According to the information, empty boxes containing many watches were also found near Shahrukh Khan’s team.

The price paid for these watches

According to the reports going on in the media, the Custom Department has got many branded and luxury brands of watches from Shahrukh Khan’s team. This includes six Rolex watches, Esprit watches worth Rs 8 lakh, Apple series watches and Baubn & Zurbk watches. The price of these watches is said to be around Rs 18 lakh.

Shahrukh went to UAE to attend the event

Please tell that Shahrukh Khan attended Sharjah International Book Fair program in Sharjah. Shahrukh Khan has also been honored in the program. He was honored with the Global Icon of Cinema and Cultural Narrative Award during the 41st edition of the programme. During this program he said that I am not at all nervous about the upcoming films because I have full faith in the fans. All his upcoming movies become super hits because his fans inspire him in such a way that even today he is eager to work for 18 hours.

Awaiting Pathan’s release

Let us tell you that Shahrukh Khan will now be seen in the movie Pathan. Recently the teaser of the movie Pathan was on the internet as soon as it was released. The teaser made a hot topic on all social media platforms at the moment, social media users were quite impressed with the actor’s new look. Now everyone is waiting for the actor’s comeback with a bang. Pathan will hit the theaters on January 25 next year.

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