मास्टर स्ट्रोक साबित होगा NCR की तर्ज पर SCR बनाने का योगी सरकार का फैसला

While giving the green light to SCR, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed officials to prepare a proposal at the earliest, including areas near Lucknow, but the destination of SCR is still a long way off.

The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh is making new experiments in all sectors. The Chief Minister has prepared a long road map for the development of the state. If the Yogi government talks about a trillion dollar economy, it is also emphasizing green revolution in the state and natural farming to increase farmers’ income. From solar power, expressways, new airports to women empowerment, the Yogi government is also running the ‘Mission Shakti’ campaign, so there is development in all areas, from food to housing for the poor. The second phase of metro expansion in Lucknow is also underway to launch a new metro route from Charbagh to Vasant Kunj. Amidst all this, Yogi has now taken an important decision to develop State Region Region (SCR) on the lines of National Capital Region (NCR). It is being considered as a master stroke of Yogi Sarkar. This is a plan that no one can oppose even if they want to.

From Carrie to Special, everyone seems happy with Yogi’s SCR decision. The area around Lucknow, the capital of UP, is now slated to be developed as a State Capital Region (SCR) on the lines of Delhi-NCR. It will include Kanpur, Unnao-Shuklaganj and Barabanki along with Lucknow. It is obvious that if this happens, the pace of development in these districts will be very fast and many new and big projects will be expanded. More importantly, the development of the SCR is expected to reduce the population pressure on Lucknow to a great extent, but there is also a possibility that the land prices will increase as soon as the SCR is announced. This area is expected. will start touching the sky.

Although Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given the green light to the SCR and directed the officials to prepare a proposal at the earliest by including the surrounding areas of Lucknow, the destination of the SCR is still a long way off. The biggest difference between NCR and SCR is that the development of the districts of the states falling in NCR is done by the state governments, while the development of SCR will be entirely the responsibility of the Yogi government. Lucknow, Barabanki, Kanpur and Unnao are also to be included in the SCR plan. It is believed that this scheme of the Yogi government will speed up the pace of development in these areas and also expand the government scheme. Land acquisition for Kanpur International Airport has been instructed under this scheme. Now there is a possibility of identifying land for this purpose in Chakeri area.

In implementing Yogi’s ambitious plan SCR, the role of development authorities of those districts will become very important, which will be included in the district SCR. For this reason, after the announcement of the SCR, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath first held a review meeting with all development officials through video conferencing. Meanwhile, for the planned development around Lucknow, the creation of a state capital region linking Lucknow and Barabanki, on the lines of Delhi-NCR, was discussed. Well, the case of SCR being the focal point of the Lucknow-Barabanki border is emerging. According to information, the area from Mohanlalganj to Bakshi Ka Talab is planned to be included. Areas of ACR will be covered under the Master Plan by 2031. The proposal will include information on each area from the land. If we talk about rising land prices apart from SCR, plotting in the middle of Barabanki, Bakshi ka Talab and Mohanlalganj border in the city development area is fast. So there is no organization for planned development here. On the other hand, the pressure of urbanization is increasing in the capital due to lack of basic facilities like parks, multiplexes, markets, hospitals in the outer areas. After the formation of SCR, along with determination of land use, the government can assign the responsibility of passing the map to any one body. This will pave the way for planned development in this area. SCR will connect areas between BKT, Mohanlalganj and Barabanki.

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When the Yogi government announced the development of the State Regional Area (SCR), there was a backlash about it. Reactions have started coming from the opposition leaders and also from the intelligentsia. Samajwadi Party state president Naresh Uttam said that SCR will also prove to be a paper like other schemes. This government believes less in work and more in beating the drum. The government has no achievements to speak of, so it makes one or the other joke, but now the public is not going to fall under its spell. The neck does not rise frequently.

Even senior Congress leader Subodh Srivastava is not interested in SCR. They say no one knows when the SCR will happen, how much it will benefit the public. He said that government money will definitely be wasted in the name of SCR. Land prices will go up, land mafias have started bargaining for land as the news of SCR becomes common. The Yogi government has been doing such experiments from time to time to distract people from the rising unemployment and inflation in the state.

Senior journalist Virendra Saxena says that it is too early to comment on the matter. The full outline of the SCR is yet to be announced. How will the government raise money for this? How much the population pressure of Lucknow can be relieved by the SCR of seven districts is also a question. Independent journalist Surendra Dubey says this is a first-of-its-kind experiment in any state in India. The basic difference between NCR and SCR is that many state governments also shoulder the responsibility of developing the NCR, whereas the Yogi government has to build the economy on its own strength to develop the SCR. At present money is not available for many public welfare schemes, in such a situation where the resources will be collected for SCR, this matter too Yogi government will have to clarify sooner or later.

On the reactions of the opposition, BJP state spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi says that the opposition is going through a pessimistic phase. He sees fault in every decision of the Yogi government, the reason being that the opposition is cut off from the people. What the people want, the opposition neither understood before nor can understand now. It would be better if leaders of anti-BJP parties do not politicize development schemes as it harms both the state and the people.

Harishchandra Srivastava, another spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party, says that the development of the state capital region will further boost Lucknow’s industrial growth, while reducing population pressure on Lucknow. SCR will also provide space for industrial development in nearby districts. At the same time, some people who closely monitor the pace of development say that the boundaries of other districts usually start after 60-70 kilometers from the big city, while in Lucknow these boundaries start only after 18 kilometers as Barabanki-Unnao. . is Growth here has been rapid due to greater migration and increasing housing needs. Due to this unplanned development in the border areas, land could not be found for industries. With the formation of SCR, this problem will be overcome to a large extent and all the areas will be systematically developed.

– Ajay Kumar

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