भारी बारिश से घिरे देश के कई इलाके, पंजाब में छत गिरने से 4 की मौत, एमपी में अलर्ट, जानिए पूरे हाल

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Weather update


  • The roof of the house fell due to rain in Punjab, 4 were killed
  • Gwalior-Chambal, Bundelkhand and Baghelkhand heavy rain for the next two days
  • Gujarat: Ukai Dam is overflowing due to incessant rain

The situation is bad in some of the states of the country due to heavy rain and floods. Also in Punjab, the situation has worsened due to heavy monsoon rains in some areas. 4 including 2 women died when the roof of the house collapsed after heavy rain in Patiala. At the same time, the government school in Mohali near Chandigarh was flooded with rainwater, so the children were discharged.

Warning of heavy rainfall in these areas by MP

Next 24 hours in MP- According to the Meteorological Department, there is a chance of heavy rain in Gwalior-Chambal, Bundelkhand and Baghelkhand the next two days. Light rain is forecast in parts of Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain, Jabalpur. After July 22, a new system will be formed in the state, due to which there is the possibility of heavy rain showers in many parts of the state. Meanwhile, the water level of the Sindh River in Bhind suddenly rose after heavy rain on Wednesday night. More than 50 trucks and dump trucks that came to fill sand at the ghatt got stuck. Within the last 24 hours, MP’s Datia 2.6 inches, Guna 2.5, Khajuraho 1.8, Ratlam 1.18, Gwalior 0.96, Naogaon (Chhatarpur) 0.83, Rewa 0.80, Sidhi 0, 55, Satna 0.42, 1.50 in Kharah, 1 in Mandrain, 1 in Khatah 0, 10, 1 in Mandrain. , 0.02 in Bhopal, 0.01 in Dhar, 0.01 in Narmadapuram, 0.01 in Sagar.

Gujarat: Ukai Dam is overflowing due to incessant rain

On the other hand, Gujarat is also in the grip of persistent rain. Due to persistent rain in Surat, the largest Ukai dam has overflowed here. At the same time, an alarm has been issued in MP and Chhattisgarh in the middle of heavy rain. Heavy rain warning has been given in Indore and Bhopal.

Chhattisgarh: Water came into the collector’s bungalow

At the same time, due to heavy rain in Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh on Thursday night, drainage water entered hundreds of houses, including the collector’s bungalow. Many rivers are in ripples due to heavy rainfall in Madhya Pradesh. There is a flood situation in the low-lying areas.

Iron brochure in Maharashtra’s Nashik district

The iron bridge built to cross the river Tas at Shendripada in the Nashik district of Maharashtra was washed away in the very first rain. Part of the Bundelkhand Expressway collapsed due to rain in UP. The water level in the Tawi River suddenly flooded in Jammu.

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