भारत में जनसंख्या असंतुलन पैदा कर हिंदुओं पर आघात की साजिश हो रही है

In the year 1947, after India gained political independence, due to the declaration of India as a secular state, the Sanatan ideology came under attack. Under the policy of secularism, many facilities have been provided, especially to Muslim followers.

India has never invaded any country for the purpose of establishing Hinduism in other countries or for usurping their land. But in the year 1947, after a long struggle of almost 1000 years, before India succeeded in breaking the shackles of subordination, India’s Hindu Sanatan culture suffered a heavy blow and the Arab invaders and the British left no stone unturned to destroy it. . However, the deep faith of the Indian public towards the Hindu Sanatan culture and the values ​​of the great Indian culture did not allow this to happen. India had many states and many kings, but the nation was still one. Indians’ faith in Hindu eternal culture and unity has been their specialty. Spirituality has united every Indian, no matter which part of the country he lives in and which state he lives in. Spirituality is approach based so we are all interconnected. Spiritualism has shaped and united the citizens of India. But lately, some such incidents are happening within India and globally, due to which it is once again felt whether these incidents are having an adverse effect on the Hindu Sanatan culture and Sanatan thought.

India is a country of people who believe in Hindu Sanatan culture and is also considered as the land of Rama and Krishna, therefore, “Vasudhaiva Kutumkam”, “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhin:” and “Sarvajan Hitaya Sarvajan Sukhay” are included in Hinduism. From childhood, families.spirituality is awakened due to which creatures, animals and even nature are given deity status in India. Actually Hindu Sanatan culture is all inclusive based on Akhand philosophy. The divine spirit is evident in this. What is in me is also in you. Hindu Sanatan culture has the ability to assimilate other cultures into itself.

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People of different religions in India live among each other with respect for each other’s religion, but in recent times there is an attempt to attack the Hindu Sanatan idea of ​​India by creating population imbalance in India. Fertility rates in India today are 1.94 for Hindus, 1.61 for Sikhs, 1.39 for Buddhists and 1.60 for Jains. While for Muslims it is 2.36 and for Christians 1.88. Secondly, a large number of Rohingya Muslims are being brought to India through India’s neighboring countries. Thirdly, Hindus are being converted into Muslims or Christians. According to an estimate, about 8 lakh Hindus convert to Islam every year in India. From this point of view love jihad is also seen flourishing in India. Especially since independence in the year 1947, the condition of Hindus in India has become increasingly miserable. Today in 9 provinces of India, Hindus have become a minority and Islamic/Christian followers have become a majority. For example, Nagaland 8%, Mizoram 2.7%, Meghalaya 11.5%, Arunachal Pradesh 29%, Manipur 41.4%, Punjab 39%, Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir 32%, Lakshadweep 2%, Ladakh 2% of the remaining population. Hindus. In some states the population of Hindus is on the verge of extinction. In areas, districts or regions where the number of converts to Islam has increased, religious processions taken out by Hindus are attacked with stones and Hindus are discouraged from performing their rituals. For almost similar reasons, the Christian-majority East Timor region in Indonesia became a separate country in 1975, the Muslim-majority Kosawa region in Serbia became a separate country in 2008, and the Christian-majority region in 2011. Sudan became a separate country called South Sudan.

The glorious history of Hindu Sanatan civilization in India is considered to be the oldest in the world. If we look at the history of such ancient and great Hindu Sanatan civilization of India, it is known that Sanatan culture and Sanatan Vedic knowledge have been the basis of global modern science. This has been proved time and time again by many examples citing Hindu beliefs and religious texts. Based on this Indian Sanatan idea, it is said that India as a nation is eternal, ancient and lasts thousands/millions of years. But if we also look at the recent history of India, it seems that whenever the number of Hindus has declined in certain areas of the country, either the country has been partitioned or the remaining Hindus in those areas have been killed. Hindus have been forced to convert to Islam or Hindus have been deported from those areas. As in 1947 in Pakistan, in 1971 in Bangladesh, in 1990 in Jammu and Kashmir, such incidents have happened with Hindus. Today Kerala, Bengal, some districts of Uttar Pradesh, some areas of Delhi are burning in this fire. While we should remember that Burma, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan etc are also fleeing India at some point.

Violence against Hindus has increased in recent times in America, Canada, Australia etc. Today all over the world efforts are being made to establish a false discourse against India and especially against the Hindu society. Attempts are being made to portray Hindus as a community that persecutes minorities and Dalits. While today the President of India is a forest woman, the Chief Minister of Punjab is a Sikh and the Chief Ministers of Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya are Christians.

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In the year 1947, after India gained political independence, due to the declaration of India as a secular state, the Sanatan ideology came under attack. Under the policy of secularism, many facilities have been provided, especially to Muslim followers, but Hindus have been deprived of their rights. For example, Muslim Waqf Boards acquire lands and build tombs and mosques anywhere, while Hindu temples are run under the administration of state governments, and these governments also control the revenue generated by prasad and donations to these temples. Today, excluding the railway department of the central government, Wakf Board lands are probably the largest in the country.

In the country, through the Indian cinema world and otherwise, an atmosphere was created in which the beliefs of Hinduism could be substantiated in crude and fictional stories. Some followers of Hinduism also got caught up in these wrong tactics of the British and the invaders and converted their children to western beliefs and thus a class promoting western beliefs arose in the country which abandoned Indian traditions and led a materialistic life. He understands his own good in living.

Even today, terrorist organizations and foreign powers who want to destabilize India start their work on this concept and try to pit different sections of society against each other. In recent times not only India but in many countries of the world like Sweden, Britain, France, Norway, India, America etc. the problem of terrorism has directly affected the common citizens of these countries and to some extent the economy of these countries has also been affected. countries. adversely affected. Religious fanaticism is being cited as the main reason behind terrorism and it is surprising that people of a particular religion are contributing the most in spreading terrorism all over the world. The reason for this is that one of the books of this particular religion states that they do not accept any religion other than Islam and that those who do not believe in Islam have no right to live. on this earth. Muslims make up 4 percent of Britain’s population of around 70 million, but account for 18 percent of Britain’s prison population. On the other hand, Hindus make up two percent of the total population of England and Wales, but no Hindus are in jail for heinous crimes.

Now many developed countries of the world are also starting to realize that the Indian Sanatan Hindu culture is one of the oldest cultures on this earth and the things written in the Indian Vedas, Puranas and ancient texts are being seen to be true in many ways. These facts are coming out only after researching it in many big universities of the world.

– Prahlad Sabnani

Retired Deputy General Manager

State Bank of India

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