भारतीयों को आपस में लड़ाने की विदेशी साजिश के खिलाफ सबको खड़ा होना पड़ेगा

Petty issues are blown up in such a way that one section of the country is pitted against another. Recently, there have been murderous attacks especially on Hindus, such as in Udaipur, Amravati, Karnataka, etc. some Hindu citizens were killed by certain sections.

As India has become the fastest growing economy in the entire world, some other countries are seen conspiring against India to stop the pace of development in India. These foreign powers and some terrorist organizations are constantly trying to create instability in India and it is surprising to note that some citizens of our country are seen helping these conspirators in such activities.

Petty issues are blown up in such a way that one section of the country is pitted against another. Recently, there have been murderous attacks on Hindus in particular, such as the killing of some Hindu citizens by certain sections of people in Udaipur, Amravati, Karnataka etc. Various central government agencies are also probing the involvement of international terrorist organizations in these murders. But, now the time has come that all the citizens of the country should think why Hindus are falling prey to these accidents every time. Many terrorist organizations are seen running the Ghazwa-e-Hind movement and seeing the growing influence of Hindutva all over the world, these terrorist organizations are alarmed and are seen creating an atmosphere of fear in India and fueling terrorist incidents. . is coming. The biggest thing is that these organizations are also seen working to inflame the sentiments of Indian citizens and many Indians are being caught in their trap.

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Now is the time to get serious on this subject and all Indians need to think together how to stop the chaos spreading in the country and how to stop the genocide of Hindus. Terrorist organizations in India can never succeed in their nefarious designs because the great Hindu culture of India is able to counter them. These people certainly seem to be succeeding in their attempt to create unrest in the country as there is no preparation in the country to oppose them. If the citizens of India unite in cities and villages and start marching to fight these terrorist organizations firmly, then what is the use of these terrorist organizations that they can harm Maa Bharati in any way.

Recently, after the killing of Mr. Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur, not only in Udaipur but also in many other cities of the country, lakhs of Indian citizens have peacefully taken to the streets and demonstrated their solidarity in protest against this heinous massacre. called unparalleled effort. Indian citizens are now waking up even in small towns and protesting against such incidents. A newspaper in the country has pointed out three things with regard to such protests: (1) After the killing of innocent Hindu civilians there was great outrage among the citizens of these towns/cities and the entire Hindu society was a link of unity. The local administration was also shocked to be found involved; (2) There was perfect discipline in such peaceful protests and there were no incidents of stone pelting or attacks on police/citizens anywhere; and (3) these protesting citizens were patriotic and did not harm any property. This is an open display of Indian culture.

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It is high time that preparations are made to deal with terrorist incidents at the town and village level in the country. In this regard, teams should be formed and keep a close watch on unusual incidents occurring in their respective areas and report such incidents immediately to the police department and local administration. Today we need to be aware and prepare ourselves to repel the terrorists. Locally influential citizens like lawyers, journalists, doctors, Sajjan Shakti etc. can also be included in these groups. Indian citizens are sometimes found unknowingly helping terrorist organizations by providing information. So more caution is required in sensitive areas. One also needs to pay close attention to what kind of discussions are going on in the society and what unusual activities are going on.

During the rule of the Mughals and the British, there was a strong attempt to divide the Hindus in India into different castes, religions, sects and sects, so that India could not emerge as a strong nation. For this the British worked on a three-point programme, in which they also got success. (1) Nationalization of Hindu society means alienation of Indian citizens from the spirit of nationalism; (2) Desocialization of Hindu society, i.e., division of Indian citizens among different societies; and (3) de-Hinduization of Hindu society i.e. taking Indian citizens away from the great Indian eternal Hindu culture. At the same time, the British and the Mughals, and later the left-wing ideologues, also promoted the idea that the Aryans came from outside India, with the aim of creating a gulf between the Indian citizens. Similar attempts are now being made by terrorists and foreign powers who are unable to tolerate India’s economic progress. Once again efforts are being made to exclude the Sikh community and some other communities from the Hindu society. But, Indian citizens have now easily understood these tactics of foreign powers and are not going to fall for such tactics of foreigners and terrorists.

If the place of Vishwa Guru is to be replaced once again by Maa Bharati then all our children of Maa Bharati need to be vigilant and show complete unity as some foreign powers and terrorist organizations are once again out to destabilize India. appears to be reactivated.

– Prahlad Sabnani

Retired Deputy General Manager

State Bank of India

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