बरेली में बिरयानी की दुकान के पास अतिक्रमण हटाने को लेकर हिंसा ,कई घायल। Violence over removal of encroachment near Biryani shop in Bareilly, many injured

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  • Joint violence in bloody clash between two groups in Bareilly
  • Both sides attacked each other with sharp weapons
  • The police are present in large numbers on the spot

News in Uttar Pradesh: Two groups clashed during removal operations at a biryani store in Bareilly on Thursday. During this, four people were injured by gunfire and stab wounds. After receiving information about the incident, all the top officers, including the district judge and the police inspector, reached the scene. District Judge Shivakant Dwivedi said that on the basis of a complaint, the team from the municipal company had gone to remove the alleged intervention carried out by the operators of a biryani shop near a hospital in the Premnagar area.

this was the case

Store operator Nawab Ali claims the team removed the intervention when Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Kisan Morcha Ankit Bhatia reached the spot along with many of his colleagues and the dispute escalated so much that there was a clash between the two sides. Police sources said Ankit Bhatia and Mujeeb Ali from the other side and Nawab Ali, the operator of the biryani store, were seriously injured in this incident. He has been admitted to the district hospital.

conflict on both sides

Bhatia claimed that there are many Biryani shops at a distance from his house where shop owners also serve spirits to the people. People often create trouble in the state of intoxication that they had complained to the municipal company a few days ago. He said that the municipality’s team had gone today to remove the intervention outside the shops on the first day in Sawan. During this, the team also cracked the platforms of the stores, which is why the store owner and people on his part were angry. The Biryani traders understood that they had complained about them to the municipal company and there was a dispute between both parties about this. Bhatia said both sides of the sight attacked each other with sharp weapons, seriously injuring three people. In addition to this, many others have also suffered injuries.

A large number of police forces were present at the scene

Police sources said a large number of police forces have been deployed at the scene as the case is related to two sects. According to sources, shots were fired during the incident. Nawab Ali, the operator of the biryani store, claimed that he was stabbed in the shoulder and stomach and that one of his employees was also shot. However, the administration has not confirmed this. However, BJP leader Bhatia has complained to the police station in this regard, while no complaint has been made from the other side.

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