फिल्मी है श्रद्धा की मर्डर मिस्ट्री, इन फिल्मों में भी वारदात को ऐसे दिया गया था अंजाम

The sensational case of Shraddha being killed by Aftab has come to light in Delhi which has shocked everyone. Although this incident has shaken everyone, films related to this incident have also been made in Bollywood for the Malayalam cinema.

An incident that shames love has been revealed in Delhi after getting information about which love is losing faith. In Delhi, the lover brutally murdered the girlfriend who was pushing for the marriage. The accused has executed the murder incident in movie style. Many films have been made on this subject from Bollywood to Malayalam cinema.

This has happened in these movies

The way Aftab killed Shraddha, the same scene has also been seen in many movies. It includes films from Bollywood to Malayalam cinema. The murder has been carried out in a similar manner in Amazon’s series Family Man 2 and the Malayalam film Cold Case. However, it has not been confirmed in the interrogation that the accused had killed Shraddha after being inspired by these films.

If you talk about the series Family Man 2 or the movie Cold Case, the murder was executed in a similar way in both movies. In Family Man 2, Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s character murders her supervisor, just like Aftab has done with Shraddha. Samantha poured acid on the floor to remove the stench from the body, while Aftab lit incense sticks to avoid the smell and bought a 300 liter freezer to keep the body. He hid the body in small pieces. After this, Samantha’s character continued to hide from the world at midnight for several days in the series, hiding the pieces of the corpse. Something similar is seen in the Malayalam film Cole’s Case, where the accused woman murders another woman and hides the pieces of her body in the refrigerator. Aftab has also executed the incident in exactly the same way.

that’s the whole thing

Aftab lived with his girlfriend Shraddha in Delhi’s Chhatarpur area. They both met while working in Mumbai after which they both came to Delhi and started living together. When girlfriend Shraddha started pressuring Aftab for marriage, accused Aftab killed her on May 18 after a fight with Shraddha. The incident came to light on November 14, six months after the incident. The accused has confessed to his crime.

According to the information, the family members of both were not happy with this relationship because they both had different religions. After opposition from the family members, they both came to Delhi and started living in live-in, after which Shraddha took her own life after pressuring the accused for marriage.

It was not enough for the defendant to kill the girlfriend. To dispose of Shraddha’s body, Aftab cut the body into 35 pieces and put them in the bag. So that the dead body does not stink, he bought a 300 liter freezer and kept the pieces of the dead body in it and after 2 o’clock every night he started throwing the dead body on the streets of Delhi in different places. It took him 18 days to dispose of the body. He hoped the police would never catch up with him. However, that did not happen and when the father of the girlfriend filed an FIR, the police investigation revealed the entire incident.

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