पंजाब में बढ़ रहे धर्मांतरण के मामले बड़ी साजिश के संकेत देते हैं

For the last 1200 years, there have been armed and ideological attacks by Semitic sects on India’s geographical borders. Based on the ‘White Man’s Burden’ or ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’, the Semitic sects regarded such attacks as their biblical or Qur’anic authority.

At a meeting of Catholic priests, George Ponnaiah of Tamil Nadu said that only Jesus Christ is the true God. The meaning of what he said is clear and the meaning of what he did not say is as clear as the other side of the coin, like the other side of the direction, that there is no god but Jesus. Such claims by priests were sad but not surprising. Abrahamic religions of high-speaking foreign origin claim that the one they worship is God and all others are Satan. And those who do not believe in their only God or Prophet, receive the derogatory term as infidel, infidel or ‘non-believer’. It is considered the religious duty of these Semitic sects to bring these infidels or ‘infidels’ into their tents, to change their ways. To perform this sacred duty, one brings a handful of rice and the other a jihadi sword in a single fist. In fact, it is from here that the arrogance of racial superiority, the black-white divide, religious conflict, religious tension, which ultimately takes the form of rising terrorism. Al Qaeda, ISIS and Taliban are also serving religion in their own way. The reason behind most of the world’s wars, terrorist attacks, attacks on other countries till today was that ‘My God is the true God, my Prophet is the true Prophet, my scripture is divine rule, all the rest are lies. ‘Either make these people and ideas like you or erase them, this is semantic religion.

In Punjab, the land of sages and farmers, today’s Christian pastors are fervently harvesting souls and filling their folds by making unbelievers the sheep of the Lord Jesus Christ. The gullible are taught that Jesus, the Church and the Bible are nonsense at best. For this reason, people are hanging pictures of crucifixes by taking pictures of Guru and deities from their homes. In Jugial of Shahpurkandi area, a Sikh girl refused to take Prasad of Kadhai from the Gurdwara. A cancer patient’s mother was warned by a priest that unless you keep going to the Gurudwara, your son will not be cured? If you want proper treatment then come to church, it is true God. After all, it is the ideology of Pastor Ponnaiah who is snubbing his waheguru and placing a cross in his hands by considering other faiths as inferior.

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For the last 1200 years, there have been armed and ideological attacks by Semitic sects on India’s geographical borders. Based on the ‘White Man’s Burden’ or ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’, the Semitic sects regarded such attacks as their biblical or Qur’anic authority. In the early stages, the Semitic invasion was so fierce that the Greco-Roman culture created by Socrates, Aristotle, Plato was completely destroyed. The Europe of today is the power base of these Semitic sects, not the Europe of Greco-Rome. According to his book, the foundation of forced struggle to govern, create and mold the entire world was laid many centuries ago. In today’s changing age, Semitic religion does not deny the need for war. The struggle of acceptance and opposition of this form is the struggle of the Sanatan and the Semitic, and the land of India is its battlefield. Anti-Semitic people oppose the diversity of human nature, which Indian spirituality, which respects Sanatan, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain and other ideas, vows to protect, anti-Semitic followers of that diversity. His description of the features of religion is confined to his book, intelligible and intelligible truth has no place in him.

The Seventh Skandha of Srimad Bhagavatam describes the thirty characteristics of Sanatana Dharma. Mahatma Vidura has given eight parts of Dharma. Along with all these, the slogan of ‘Achar Prathamo Dharma’ has institutionalized various measures to implement all these. Interestingly, Sanatan Dharma cannot be tied to the above explanation, Sanatan Dharma is apart of this. Moreover, Indian thought also embraces atheism. From these features of religion it is clear that religion is what is beneficial to the society. Based on these values ​​the individual, the family, the family, the society, the rural district, the nation, the world and education, justice, health, trade and commerce, administration etc.

Today, if we look at the ancient systems and Semitic religions, the difference is clearly visible. An example of this is Francis Bacon’s statement, in which he said that nature is like a woman whose hand twists and reveals everything. It justifies the right to use force to fulfill one’s self-interest. That is why there is fundamentally no difference between Communism, Capitalism, Christianity, Islam. The only difference is which Prophet and which book you are basing this on. None of us said that what I believe is true and everything else is false. Vedas say that God is one and there are thousands of ways to express Him. It is also said in Guru Granth Sahib that – Ek Noor te Sab when upajiya kaun bhagh ko mande. This is the reason why we have not forced our ideas or beliefs on anyone, but have shown the way to conquer our minds by combining them with our conscience. The present age is that of democracy, social, economic and political democracy has come into it, but it is also very necessary in the field of religion. If Abrahamic religions want to, they can learn the importance of religious democracy from the ancient culture of India.

-Rakesh San

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