नोएडा के ट्विन टावर तो गिर गए पर क्या इससे भ्रष्टाचार रुक जायेगा ?

The Noida administration had approved the plan (two apartment towers of 40 floors) filed in 2009 before the matter came up for hearing in the Allahabad High Court in 2012. Allahabad High Court’s decision in this matter came in April 2014.

The twin towers of Noida, synonymous with corruption, were demolished on Sunday on the order of the Supreme Court. But the question remains that will the corruption of the country be stopped by the fall of this tower? Will there be any stop to the country’s rooted corruption? Will the corrupt learn from this? Couldn’t these towers be used for healthcare, hospitals and education in a country where there is a severe shortage of resources?

Two high-rise buildings collapsed within seconds in Noida on Sunday. The twin towers were blown up with explosives at exactly 2.30 pm. Now all these multi-storied buildings have fallen into rubble. Named Apex and Cayenne, these towers were built by Supertech Builder. Later it was found that the rules were violated in making it. These are the largest high-rise buildings in the country to be demolished. Apex (32 floors) and Cayenne (30 floors). The twin towers were taller than the Qutub Minar, the tallest in India’s capital. The decision to demolish the tower was taken after a long legal battle. This conflict started from the Allahabad High Court and its final decision came to the Supreme Court.

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The story of the construction of these towers begins in 2004. Noida (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority) allotted the site to a company called Supertech to build a residential area as part of its plan to create an industrial city. In 2005, as per Noida Building Code and Guidelines 1986, Supertech planned 14 flats of 10 floors each. The Noida authority had approved the construction of 14 apartment buildings with a height of 10 floors each not exceeding 37 meters. As per the plan, 14 apartments and a garden along with a commercial complex were to be developed on this site. In 2006, the company was given additional land for construction on old terms. Supertech has come up with a new plan. In which two and 10 storey buildings without gardens were to be built. Finally, in 2009, final plans were drawn up to build two 40-storey apartment towers. In the year 2011, a petition was filed in the Allahabad High Court on behalf of the Resident Welfare Association. The petition alleged that the Uttar Pradesh Apartment Owners Act, 2010 was violated during the construction of the tower. According to this, the two towers, located only 16 meters apart, violated the law. It is also alleged in the petition that these two towers have been erected illegally on the land allocated for gardens.

The Noida administration had approved the plan (two apartment towers of 40 floors) filed in 2009 before the matter came up for hearing in the Allahabad High Court in 2012. Allahabad High Court’s decision in this matter came in April 2014. He also issued an order to demolish these towers. It has also ordered that tower builder Supertech should bear the cost of demolishing the tower. It has also ordered that those who have already bought flats should return the money with 14 percent interest. In May, Supertech approached the Supreme Court challenging the decision. It is claimed that the construction has been done according to the correct standards. The Supreme Court, which upheld the Allahabad High Court’s decision in August 2021, also said the rules had been violated. As a result, the Twin Towers were completely demolished on Sunday, August 28, 2022.

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Both the towers were demolished on Sunday on the orders of the Supreme Court. But no action was taken against the administrative staff and the management of Supertech who committed malpractices in the construction of these towers. The list of people involved in this malpractice and scam could be released only on the day the tower fell. Although Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is known for his strictness, the Supreme Court should also monitor the action against these officials. It should be seen that the proceedings are swift and strict. May no one dare to do so in the future. Damages should be recovered from officials and employees involved in the scam.

One thing and usually the settlers build against the rules to get more profit, but this is the first case in which this action has taken place. But it will be a long battle to stop corruption. Yes, the major benefit of this order will be that till now development authority officials used to meet the colonization or building owner to settle the case with mitigation fee for constructing wrong building, but now they will not be able to do this. In doing so they will also have to demolish the wrongly constructed buildings.

On the other hand, reactions to the Supreme Court’s order have started coming. It is being said that these towers may be considered for use in other public interests. Delhi BJP leader Kapil Mishra has questioned the twin tower blast. Kapil Mishra tweeted that whoever built twin towers is not getting punishment, whoever built it is not getting punishment. Instead of demolishing such a huge building, a hospital, hostel, old age home, shelter for destitute women could have been constructed in it. With this, Mishra mentioned Diwali and said that the Hon’ble Court prohibits bursting of firecrackers on Diwali and does not permit bursting of firecrackers. It has been said by the court that it causes pollution. Now the order to pollute the twin tower blast is being given by the court itself.

This will respond. But should come. It is certain that instead of demolishing the tower, it would have been better if the court had considered other uses for it. What has happened now cannot be stopped, but such use can be considered in future cases.

Ashok Madhup

(The writer is a senior journalist)

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