धोनी-विराट को लेकर गौतम गंभीर के बयान ने उड़ा दिए होश! कहा- ‘ड्रेसिंग रूम में स्टार या हीरो पैदा न करें’

Former India legend Gautam Gambhir does not shy away from speaking his exact words. Now he has given a big statement about Indian cricket. He said it is better to make a player a hero, we should support the Indian team.

Former India legend Gautam Gambhir does not shy away from speaking his exact words. At the same time, Gambhir has once again commented on such players who are dominant in India.

In fact, Gautam Gambhir has made it clear in one of his statements that people should stop worshiping any cricketer. Rather everyone should support the cricket team. He told us that we should also focus on such a player who has contributed a little but in the team.

The former veteran said in the Indian Express’ exchange of ideas programme, “We should stop creating stars or heroes in the dressing room, but cricket should be the real hero, not an individual. We should make the whole team great instead of making a single player great .” should be focused on.”

“Attention was not given to Bhuvi, Virat was talked about” – Gautam Gambhir

Referring to the Asia Cup, Gambhir said, “The day Virat Kohli scored his 71st century, Bhuvneshwar Kumar from a small town Meerut also took 5 wickets in the same match. But nobody discussed him. It’s really unfortunate. At that time it was only person who constantly talked about Bhuvi during commentary. Bhuvneshwar took 5 wickets in 4 overs in that match. I don’t think anyone else knows about it. Will happen.”

Regarding Virat’s century, he said, “When Virat Kohli scored a century, the whole country celebrated. India has to come out of this hero culture. We just have to worship Indian cricket.”

“Hero culture flourished from social media”

Gambhir said: “The hero culture in Indian cricket grew out of the media and the social media following. This is the most fake thing in this country because you can be judged by how many followers you have.”

He further said, “If you keep talking about a man everyday, then one day he will become a fire himself. This happened in 1983. When India won the first World Cup. Ever since the win, Kapil Dev is talking continuously. After that we won the World Cup in 2007 and 2011, then it was about Dhoni. Who started all this? No player or BCCI has done this. Never any news channel talked about Indian cricket. Not done. There are two or three people who are the stakeholders in Indian cricket. Indian cricket is not run by a single player but all 15 players contribute to it.”

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