धनबाद में मारे गए डकैत की मां ने कहा- बेटे को उचित सजा मिली लेकिन और 4 लोगों को क्यों छोड़ दिया गया। Mother of dacoit killed in Dhanbad said- son got proper punishment but why were 4 more people relea

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Jharkhand Police


  • There was a meeting with the police during the bank robbery
  • 1 out of 5 dacoits were killed on the spot
  • The mother of the deceased said – killed my son, why did he leave the rest

Jharkhand News: On Tuesday, one of the criminals who tried to commit a robbery at Muthoot Fincorp in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, was shot dead by the police on the spot. The mother of the deceased accused said that the son has received the befitting punishment for dacoity. The police corrected him by shooting him, but why did the police leave 4 other people with him. The police should have shot him too.

Meeting with the police during a bank robbery

Let us inform that the police in Dhanbad district on Tuesday surrounded five criminals who had come to commit robbery at Muthoot Fincorp Company in Bank More area around 10.30 am. One perpetrator was killed in the encounter, while two others were arrested and two others managed to flee the scene. The mother of the slain dacoit Shubham Singh, in response to the question of reporters at the morgue, said, “Our son was a dacoit, so the police shot him and punished him for his actions, which I don’t mind. , but what about his other four dacoits -accomplice.” Will the police sit in the police station and pour pickles on them?” She said the police did not even allow her son’s body to be seen by her or her husband and siblings until this afternoon. The police gave him the body of his son only after the autopsy today.

Son spoiled due to wrong company – Shubham’s mother

Shubham Singh’s father Vishwajit Singh works as a driver in a private company. Police said the family had initially denied Shubham’s involvement in the crime, but they believed in the incident only after showing them his body. Shubham’s mother told that her son had gone to Pune for studies and from there his path was spoiled due to wrong company.

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