दुनिया पहले ही रूस-यूक्रेन युद्ध से परेशान है, चीन-ताइवान युद्ध हुआ तो हालात और बिगड़ जायेंगे

China has banned the import of more than 100 food items from Taiwan, on the other hand, Taiwan has also stopped the import of construction related products from China and has banned the import of these products.

Currently, the countries of the world are grappling with the horrors of the Russo-Ukraine war that tensions have arisen between China and Taiwan after the visit of US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. However, the big giants should understand that a small country like Ukraine has challenged Russia by prolonging the war against Russia and believe it or not, it has made Russia feel inside that it is a war. Fought two-four times.Considering the war Ukraine was waiting to surrender, that war has shaken the economy of not only Russia but the countries of the world. Along with the food crisis, the crisis of crude oil, gas etc. is in front of everyone. A similar situation is likely to occur during the Taiwan-China conflict. No matter how small a country Taiwan is, China considers it a dwarf, but Taiwan is no less than a major power to shake the economies of the world countries.

China itself will suffer the consequences of tensions with Taiwan. We have seen the situation during Corona. However, after Nancy’s visit, China has expressed its displeasure and launched military exercises in response. Or rather, under a policy of pressure, the siege of Taiwan has begun. Taiwan may be a small country today, but because of its technological strength, it has the ability to shake up countries all over the world. Today, Taiwan has the ability to derail the four wheeler mobile industry and the interesting thing is that all the countries of the world know this power. Taiwan has a major role in giving oxygen to China’s economy. Today, Taiwan is the largest producer and exporter of semiconductors used in the production of electronic products ranging from four-wheelers to mobiles. In the recent past, the car industry has been badly affected due to low supply of semiconductors. Today, Taiwan is at the forefront of the world’s production of semiconductors. Taiwan is still the number one producer of semiconductors. This journey is also not very old. In 1987, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company was established. There was a time when 92 percent of the world’s demand was met by this company. South Korean company Samsung’s share was only 8 percent. Taiwan is miles ahead of China in the production and quality of semiconductors. It is also clear that if tensions escalate between Taiwan and China and a state of war develops, the production of semiconductor manufacturers will be affected and this will have a negative impact on the production of everything from cars to mobile phones. The production function of car, mobile and electronic companies of the world will be affected.

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The effects of China-Taiwan tensions are now being felt in both countries. China has banned the import of more than 100 food items from Taiwan, on the other hand, Taiwan has also stopped the import of construction related products from China and has banned the import of these products. This cannot be seen merely as an action between two countries against each other. This conflict will surely have an impact on the countries of the world, if one denies it, it would be no less than a mistake. The recovering economy after Corona has already suffered from the Russia-Ukraine war. If the tension between Taiwan and China turns into a war like Russia Ukraine, it will not be easy to save the economies of the countries of the world. The supply system will be adversely affected. It will affect cars, mobiles, cameras, printers and the entire electronics industry. China has continued military operations near Taiwan, which Taiwan even says is nothing short of an attack. Taiwan has also called for help from the international community. In such a situation, the countries of the world have to understand the seriousness of the situation.

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History tells us that institutions like the United Nations have almost failed to defuse tensions. The situation in Russia Ukraine is in front of everyone. The situation of China and Taiwan will also be the same. Trust in the United Nations cannot last long. In the same way, it should be clear to the countries of the world that if the countries of the world continue to turn a blind eye to the situation, the results will not be good. Countries of the world have to take initiatives so that tension can be reduced in time. In fact, the policy of showing one’s power and suppressing neighboring countries is increasing. But now it is not easy to do so. Somewhere we have to realize that we are no longer primitive humans. We have to work on a policy of coexistence. Big or small, a country has to accept its existence and identity. Today the time has come when even the smallest country cannot be taken over easily. Timely lessons have to be learned from Corona and Russia-Ukraine war.

-Doctor. Rajendra Prasad Sharma

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