तालिबान शासन का एक साल, अफगान में रह रहे और देश छोड़ गये लोगों की जिंदगी में क्या बदलाव आये?

Under the Taliban regime, where civil rights have been trampled, women’s rights have been completely curtailed, their freedom of expression has been taken away, and ethnic minorities have been persecuted.

The word “anniversary” is usually associated with joy and celebration. But August 15 marks the one-year anniversary of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, and it’s certainly a sad, not a happy, occasion for Afghans. Remember the scene last year when Afghans were eager to leave the country even climbing on top of the plane playing for their lives, remember the scene when there were long queues at the Kabul airport because everyone wanted to flee Afghanistan as soon as possible. The fear of the Taliban rule in the minds of the fleeing people at that time proved to be true. Before August 15 last year, Afghans were free to wear their own clothes, eat, drink, travel, watch movies, go to beauty parlors or live their own lives. But from 15th August 2021 his life has completely changed. Due to the shutdown of the economy, men have become unemployed while women are confined to homes.

Under Taliban rule, where civil rights have been trampled, women’s rights have been curtailed, their freedom of expression has been stripped away, and ethnic minorities have been persecuted. Attacks on Gurudwaras and Sikhs are frequent. Not only this, the Taliban has also censored the media and many journalists have been mistreated. Some recent reports indicate that crimes against humanity are being committed in Panjshir and the country’s mineral wealth is also being unaccounted for. Although daughters of Taliban leaders study abroad, they have banned secondary schools for girls in Afghanistan. Recently, female employees posted in the Ministry of Finance were sacked and their male relatives were hired.

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Not only this, the Ministry of Women Affairs has also been abolished. The Taliban believe that educated women are aware of their rights, so they should be prevented from being educated. For this reason, as soon as the Taliban occupied Afghanistan, girls were banned from going to schools and colleges, and then working women were asked to sit at home. Then banned women from appearing in TV programs, then closed women’s beauty parlors, then banned women from walking or traveling alone, then banned girls from going to school without a hijab, then banned girls from participating in sports, then boys and girls was banned. By learning together. After which the Taliban government issued an order that women should be fully veiled in public places and after that the faces of TV anchors were also covered. Simultaneous presence of women and men in the park has also been banned.

A recent report by Amnesty International described the condition of Afghan women as a “slow-death”. If seen, Afghanistan is back to the same era when Taliban fighters never abducted, forcibly married or raped women. It is considered a crime for women to raise their voice for themselves. Women are threatened with being shot if they dare to raise their voice. There was also a recent report which said that Taliban fighters go to clothing shops to check what is being sold to women. Tailors are also instructed that women’s clothes should be large and loose so that no part of their body is exposed.

Not only this, the Taliban have also instructed men not to grow beards and wear local clothes to be prepared to face the consequences. An example of the kind of inhumanity being practiced in the Taliban regime was seen recently. Let us remind you that there was a powerful earthquake in the month of June itself in which thousands of people lost their lives. People buried under the rubble of earthquake-hit houses remained buried as no one came for relief and rescue from the administration. Not only this, an outbreak of cholera also broke out after the earthquake, killing a large number of people. But the Taliban regime did not take any initiative to save people from dying.

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Not only has the life of the people living there become difficult since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the hardships of those who have left the country have also not abated. When the Taliban was taking over Afghanistan, America only took people who supported American forces. The remaining millions of refugees who went to other countries fared worse. There were recent reports that Iran had deported thousands of Afghan refugees, as well as the abusive treatment of Afghan refugees by the Iranian public and authorities. In addition, Turkey has also forcibly deported more than 10,000 Afghan migrants. Hundreds of Afghan refugees in Belgium are at risk of deportation after their asylum claims have been rejected. At the same time, Germany evicted Afghan refugees from their homes within 24 hours to make room for Ukrainian refugees. Not only that, Canada has limited the number of Afghan refugees to 40,000, while there is no such limit for Ukrainian refugees. According to one estimate, more than 650,000 Afghans have been repatriated or returned to Afghanistan from neighboring countries since August 2021.

As for what will happen to Afghanistan, before Afghanistan topped the agenda of a two-day conference held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan last month, there were several challenges, including security, stability and a fragile economic situation. India was also included among the 20 countries that participated in this conference. Afghanistan’s Acting Foreign Minister Maulvi Amir Khan Muttaki represented the Taliban regime at the conference. But the question is how Afghanistan will prosper until it reforms itself. Taliban leaders say something and do something. Let’s understand it with an example. Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri has just been killed. It was hidden by the terrorist organization ‘Haqqani Network’. Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, who had been wanted by the US for years, was held by the Taliban in a safe house in Kabul. The US claims that the Taliban violated the peace agreement by harboring al-Zawahiri in the country. At the same time, the Taliban says that the US violated the peace agreement by carrying out the airstrikes. Not only this, the Doha agreement between the US and the Taliban has also been terminated as militant groups under the Taliban are reorganizing themselves. In such a situation, what will be the future of Afghanistan is hidden in the trough of the future.

– Neeraj Kumar Dubey

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