ट्विन टॉवर तो ढह गये, पर इसे बनाने वाले लोगों पर कब होगी कार्रवाई?

Let us tell you that this land was allotted to the supertech builder for Emerald Court on 23 November 2004, the map of which was passed in the year 2006, after which various tricks were played in this project based on the nexus of the corrupt. started

Uttar Pradesh’s Noida is once again making headlines in the national and international media, this time with a skyscraper in the limelight. Although the building, which stood on a solid foundation of corrupt nexus, has now been demolished, this skyscraper was once a very important part of the supertech builder’s empire. Let us tell you that in Sector-93A of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, there is a huge project of a supertech builder named Emerald Court, out of which illegally constructed high-rise twin towers were built on Apex and Sion. August 28 at 2:30 PM. It successfully grounded within seconds as per its predetermined schedule.

But this building in Noida has become a big symbol of corruption and has now left many questions behind. After a protracted legal battle since 2012, the supertech builder’s twin towers, which have become a huge symbol of corruption nexus, were finally demolished on Sunday, August 28, following the order of the country’s Supreme Court. have gone However, this is the first unique case of its kind near the capital Delhi, the country’s main center of power. About 22 km away from the Supreme Court of the country, such a huge building has been demolished for the first time on the orders of the Supreme Court. However, in the war of TRP, many news channels of the country are working cleverly to create a sensation of this matter by telling the first case of the whole country to arouse people’s curiosity, which is completely false.

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Let us tell you that this type of high-rise building has not been demolished for the first time in India, before this two years ago in the month of January 2020, tall multi-storey buildings were built in Maradu, Kerala. Corruption, H20 Holy Faith, Alpha Serene, Jain Coral Cove and Golden Kylorum were dropped. In the year 2019, the Supreme Court ordered the demolition of all these huge multi-storied buildings on the banks of the lake. The construction of all these buildings on the shores of the lake also violated the provisions of the country’s ‘Coastal Regulation Zone’ on grounds of corruption. Even then, some powerful people with money had the audacity to keep the system in their pockets. A similar situation happened during the construction of twin towers by supertech builder in Noida, the builder had planned this huge illegal construction by colluding with officials and some politicians based on money power. Maidan with great success. It was completed, at the last minute arrogance and audacity brought the matter up and the Twin Towers case went to the Supreme Court.

We must applaud the courage of all those who have worked to consistently denounce this powerful coalition of corruption at every level and have given up fearlessly. All those people have got the final result of this very long war on 28 August 2022 in the form of demolishing these buildings due to corruption. Although it was not easy to do all this, because nothing is possible to do easily in the system of our country which is full of corruption at every step, for this some people have continuously worked with the powerful people sitting in the system. The year-long battle from the High Court to the Supreme Court in 2012 defeating various lies, deceitful conspiracies, fought with complete honesty without selling his faith. In this battle, the common man has won against the corrupt nexus of powerful officials and politicians who are on the pay of the very powerful builders. Live like servants. In this issue of Twin Towers, some people have worked to bring the corrupt system to its knees by fighting a very long battle against the very powerful gang of corruption by raising a very loud voice against the builder’s caprice. Now in the future, the Supreme Court’s decision in the Twin Towers case will serve as a very important example from time to time.

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Let us tell you that this land was allotted to the supertech builder for Emerald Court on 23 November 2004, the map of which was passed in the year 2006, after which various tricks were played in this project based on the nexus of the corrupt. Started and gradually a big controversy was born. After which in the year 2012, UBS Teotia, RWA President, Emerald Court and others approached the High Court. All these petitioners fought a ten-year long legal battle from the High Court to the Supreme Court. After which all these people get the real victory on the ground on 28 August 2022, the day the building fell. But today a question is rising in the minds of the general public that when will the culprits of allowing these buildings to be built as symbols of corruption finally get punished, as the rules and regulations are completely on hold due to the collusion of the Noida authority and the builder. The construction of the twin towers was going on fast.

However, soon after the Supreme Court’s order on the issue, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath constituted a 4-member inquiry committee headed by the Commissioner for Infrastructure and Industrial Development to initiate an inquiry. According to sources, the committee’s inquiry report held 26 officials and employees of Noida Authority as well as 4 directors of Supertech Limited and their 2 architects responsible for the construction of the Twin Towers due to corruption, involving several senior IAS officers to K, but Regrettably, after investigation, no concrete effective action has been taken against these people till date, apart from formalizing the culprits. After the collapse of the twin towers built on a very strong foundation of corruption, now people once again hope that all those responsible in this matter will be punished. Otherwise people will say on Sting that-

Confused ruler, chaotic state,

Taka Ser Bhaji Taka Ser Khaja.

– Deepak Kumar Tyagi

(Senior Journalist, Columnist and Political Analyst)

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