झारखंड सरकार के मंत्रियों- विधायकों का राज्यपाल और केंद्र पर हमला, कहा- दम है तो हमारी सरकार को बर्खास्त ही कर दें। Ministers of Jharkhand government- MLAs attack Governor and Center, said- if you hav

Jharkhand Ministers- India TV Hindi News

Jharkhand Ministers

Jharkhand Politics: Amid the ongoing political tension in Jharkhand for the past four days, the UPA held a meeting at the CM House on Sunday night and then strongly attacked the central government and the Raj Bhavan. Eleven MLAs, including three ministers from the Hemant Soren government, said at a joint press conference that the governor and the Election Commission should immediately announce their decision. We will respond to it within 24 hours. Our alliance has absolute majority and we are united with 50 MLA governments. Despite this, if they feel anything and if they have guts, our government should be sacked by introducing section 356. Minister Banna Gupta said that on one hand the Governor and the Election Commission have sealed the decision in the case of Hemant Soren, and on on the other hand the BJP leaders pass the judgment in his name by tweeting and making rhetoric. The entire state has been thrust into an atmosphere of insecurity. Under a well-planned conspiracy, a conspiracy is hatched to defame the tribal-led government. By hanging up the matter, an atmosphere of horse-trading is created for the BJP.

The wheel of development is stopped by conspiracy – Champai Soren

Minister Champai Soren said that the way BJP is engaged in horse-trading with MLAs in Delhi, it wants to create the same situation here. But they don’t know that this is the government of Jharkhand agitators. We must answer all questions. BJP’s malafide intentions will never be allowed to succeed. The question arises why the governor does not publish what is in the envelope from the electoral commission? He said the wheel of development is being stopped by conspiracy. It is BJP’s history to destabilize the governments of non-BJP ruled states. But his plan will not succeed in Jharkhand.

Why is Chief Minister Hemant Soren being treated like this – Stephen Marandi

Senior JMM leader and MLA Stephen Marandi said that under Section 9A of the Representation of Peoples Act, there are speculations about the cancellation of Hemant Soren’s assembly membership, but till date no one’s membership has been canceled in such a case. . Why is Chief Minister Hemant Søren being treated like this? He said the Hemant government has been given the mandate which the BJP and its allies are unable to digest. Minister Satyanand Bhokta, MLA Deepika Pandey Singh, Amba Prasad, Poornima Neeraj Singh, Mathura Mahto, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Lobin Hembram and Jaimangal Singh were also present in the press conference.

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