झारखंड विधानसभा का आज विशेष सत्र, OBC आरक्षण और स्थानीयता के आधार को लेकर अहम बिल होंगे पेश Jharkhand Legislative Assembly Special session today important bills regarding OBC reservation to be passed

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special session of jharkhand assembly today

Another special session of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly has been convened today. Chief Minister Hemant Søren has called this session with the aim of fulfilling two old promises from his government. Let us inform that in today’s special session the Soren government will introduce a bill to directly increase the Khatian of 1932, ie. land record and reservation for backward classes from 14 percent to 27 percent on the basis of locality. Both these promises were made by the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and the Congress during the recent assembly elections.

These two important bills will be introduced at the special session

Earlier, CM Soren had said that November 11 will be a historic day for the state as the assembly will pass a 1932 bill to identify local residents and give 27 percent reservation to OBCs. Addressing the session, Bokaro MLA Biranchi Narayan, Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, said, “I wish the government all the best in implementing the Khatian-based local policy of 1932 and giving reservation to OBCs. We support these bills. He said, that the chief minister had said in the assembly six months ago that the local policy from 1932 cannot be implemented.

Søren Sarkar will put the ball in the centre’s lane
In this extended session of the monsoon session, the government will introduce two bills. Both bills are proposed to be included in the ninth list. But the point to note is that the Søren government will put the ball in the central government’s court to implement the provisions of both bills. Therefore, this assembly in the legislature becomes very important in the current political equations. Earlier, on September 5, the Hemant Soren government had called a one-day special session of the assembly, but in this session, he passed the vote on the trust motion. Explain that after the bill is passed, the total reservation in the state will increase to 77%. Which will be the country’s highest.

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