जादूगर अशोक गहलोत इस बार अपने ही बुने जाल में फँसते दिख रहे हैं

The ongoing developments in Rajasthan Congress are adversely affecting the image of Congress across the country. On the one hand, Rahul Gandhi is working tirelessly to win back the lost base of the Congress by taking out thousands of kilometers of “Bharat Jodo Padayatra”.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is considered a magician of politics who can make bad bets at the last minute with his political acumen. Ashok Gehlot has played a long innings in the field of politics on the strength of his political acumen and skill. Due to this, he is going to become the National President of Congress soon. Chief minister, central minister, party state president and many leaders have become. But being the National President of a party like Congress is a matter of great pride in itself.

It is also a matter of pride for Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot that Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi chose the name of Ashok Gehlot for the post of National President of the party. Ashok Gehlot will join the ranks of great leaders like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi on becoming the National President of Congress. But it is said that politics is considered a game of possibilities. No one can say when this will happen. A similar incident is coming up in Rajasthan for the last two days. Before Ashok Gehlot became the National President of the Congress, he had to resign as Chief Minister. He spoke to the leaders of the Congress High Command about this. At the time fixed by them, the Congress high command sent Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge and Congress National General Secretary and Rajasthan in-charge Ajay Maken to Jaipur as observers. The observers had to personally consult all Jaipur MLAs to vote on the name of the new leader to replace Ashok Gehlot.

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But the whole game changed after two observers sent by the Congress High Command came to Jaipur. Not a single MLA supporting Gehlot turned up for the already scheduled MLA meeting at the Chief Minister’s residence. Instead, he unofficially organized a parallel meeting at the residence of Shanti Dhariwal, minister of the autonomous government. In which the Gehlot supporters unanimously decided to boycott the meeting held by the observers of the Congress High Command. He said that if Sachin Pilot is made the Chief Minister, he will resign from the party. Around 90 MLAs present at Shanti Dhariwal’s residence handed over their resignation letters to Assembly Speaker CP Joshi.

On the other hand, party observers Kharge and Makne waited till late night for the MLAs to arrive at the Chief Minister’s residence. But he had to return from there empty handed. The next day, a delegation in the form of senior Rajasthan government ministers Shanti Dhariwal, Mahesh Joshi and Pratap Singh Khachariawas met the pro-Gehlot MLAs at the hotel where the two observers were staying and put their three demands before them. In which no MLA of Sachin Pilot or his supporters should be made Chief Minister first. Another demand, which was with Ashok Gehlot at the time of Sachin Pilot’s rebellion of 102 MLAs, is to make the Chief Minister from among the MLAs. A third demand MLA party meeting should be convened after October 18 after the election of the Congress National President.

Before leaving Jaipur for Delhi, Ajay Makane, General Secretary and In-charge Supervisor of Rajasthan, told reporters that three ministers from the Gehlot group had come to meet him. When they discussed about their 3-point demands, I told them that we have come to Jaipur on the direction of the party high command and both the leaders want to know the opinion of all MLAs one by one. On that, the three leaders said that our supporting MLAs will not meet individually but in a group. To this Makan said that we will not take advice on anyone’s terms. A status report will be handed over to the party president. Responding to questions from reporters, Makan said that prima facie the behavior of the pro-Gehlot leaders was indiscipline of the party.

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Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has been busy sidelining Sachin Pilot since 2018. Circumstances arose in 2020 that Sachin Pilot had to rebel against the party. But later after the intervention of the high command, the situation returned to normal and Sachin Pilot also started working in the party as before. But Chief Minister Gehlot leaves no chance to humiliate the pilot whenever he gets a chance.

Recently, when Gehlot’s name came up to be the party’s national president, he tried his best to continue working as the chief minister along with the party’s national president. But the Congress President started efforts to make one of his supporters MLA as Chief Minister after talking about strict implementation of the principle of one person, one post. He has played a new political game by his supporters when he feels that the Congress high command will now be able to fulfill the promise of making Sachin Pilot the Chief Minister.

The ongoing developments in Rajasthan Congress are adversely affecting the image of Congress across the country. On the one hand, Rahul Gandhi is working tirelessly to win back the lost base of the Congress by taking out thousands of kilometers of “Bharat Jodo Padayatra”. On the other hand a big leader like Ashok Gehlot who is going to become the national president of the party. To carry out such an event by them is tantamount to directly challenging the High Command. Gehlot’s supporters are constantly saying that we will follow every instruction of the Congress High Command. But he did not agree to meet the supervisor sent by the High Command. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot went so far as to challenge the pilot as well as the central leadership as his supporters opposed the pilot. He does not care that the Congress party will have to bear the brunt of the action being taken by him all over the country. In future, every leader will rebel against the party. All will start showing eyes to the high command.

Chief Minister Gehlot who himself is going to become the party high command after a few days. It is he who has set a tradition that could prove heavy for him in the future if he becomes president. However, looking at the current performance of Gehlot, who calls himself a magician of politics, it seems that the magicians of politics have fallen into their own trap.

-Ramesh Sarraf Dhamora

(The author is a freelance journalist recognized by the Government of Rajasthan. His articles are published in several newspapers in the country.)

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