जम्मू कश्मीर के कुपवाड़ा में हुआ दर्दनाक सड़क हादसा, करीब 20 लोग हुए घायलTraumatic road accident in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara, around 20 injured

Road accident in Jammu and Kashmir's Kupwara - India TV Hindi News

Image source: ANI
Road accident in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara

Jammu and Kashmir One in Kupwara bus accident became a victim. close 20 people injured Have become . All the injured have been hospitalized. The accident happened in Vatayin area of ​​Handwara, Kupwara. According to the information, the bus was traveling at a very high speed. Therefore, it tumbled uncontrollably.

During the accident there was an outcry among the passengers of the bus. The police immediately reached the scene as soon as the information was received. The injured have been identified and taken to hospital. The good thing is that there is no news of any death so far.

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