जब हम गुलाम थे तब एक थे लेकिन आजाद होते ही हम बंट क्यों गये हैं?

To expose the malicious intentions of undermining the society by dividing India’s identity into different narrow circles. By questioning every human being in the country, breaking the idol by creating a new identity is being done. New conflicts are being created through new discourses and new identities.

Unity is the power before which all powers vanish. Any country becomes great only by the unity and solidarity of its people. Our Prime Minister wants to awaken this power of the country. In every address he addresses only ‘130 crore Indians of the country’. They see the country and its citizens as a whole. Minority, majority or various other ethnic, linguistic identities do not matter to them. They believe that we have only one identity – to be Indian. This identity is above all other identities and identities. With this the country is united and we stand on one level. This creates love, harmony and affection.

The tragedy of India is that politics of division is still flourishing here. Even after celebrating the nectar of independence we could not get rid of this disease. How painful it is to think that when we were slaves we were united, when we were free we were divided. This division was not only of geography but also of mind. His bitter memories are still fresh in the minds of many people. The nectar festival of freedom is an occasion to unite hearts and unite minds. Also uproot the divisive mentality and move forward with the spirit of nation first. Since the Portuguese invasion in the fourteenth century itself, India has been a victim of continuous invasion. In the 16th century it was replaced by the Dutch and then the French, British, East India Company. During this long period, India faced it in its own way. The struggle continued from place to place. These struggles were nation-wide, social and universal. During this time people continued to die due to disasters and droughts. Our national heroes fought with determination to break this white supremacy and won freedom. As we celebrate the nectar of freedom, the question arises, have we learned any lessons from our long slavery?

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What was the feeling of our heroes in the freedom movement? What is the concept of India? Why and against whom did we fight this war? Was it just a campaign of power change? If we look at the answers to these questions, we will know that this fight was for Swaraj, for Sun, for Swadeshi, for self-language, for self-reliance. Here ‘self’ is very special. In every sphere of social life, ideologically, every idea must have an ‘up’ idea. It was also a battle for establishing India’s mind and its way of thinking. Maharishi Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda, Maharshi Dayananda, Lokmanya Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi, Veer Savarkar remind us of one root. Today there is a deep challenge facing the forces that unite the country, that is to rid the country of divisive ideas. To expose the malicious intentions of undermining the society by dividing India’s identity into different narrow circles. By questioning every human being in the country, breaking the idol by creating a new identity is being done. New conflicts are also being created through new discourses and new identities.

Different efforts are being made in Khalistan, Naga, Mizo, Maoism, tribal society like indigenous people etc issues. Jihadi and left-wing intellectuals are also seen in this campaign. Indian lifestyle, Ayurveda, Yoga, Indian languages, Indian values, India’s proud men, inspirations are all on their target. In national mainstreaming, there is a mobilization of all societies, identities and campaigns to subvert rather than develop. Mutual networking of anti-national ideas is also evident in this conspiracy. Attempts to undermine institutions, create mistrust, mistrust and anarchy are also visible in these activities. In the long period from 1857 to 1947, he fought unceasingly and relied on the power of the common people. We have got this freedom. We must always remember the value of this freedom.

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Examples of the regimes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao are in front of the world. What did all this do except shed the blood of humanity? His works are in front of the whole world today. These anti-humanitarian and anti-democratic ideas are dreaming of dividing India today. The resolution of Azadi Amrit Mohotsav should be that we should inculcate the spirit of India, the love of India and the spirit of India. India and Indianness is our biggest and only identity, accept it. There is no book or religion greater than this love of India. We belong to India and make India. Know India and follow India. In this resolution is our salvation. We have solutions to our queries. We can never become a great country by fighting in the name of petty identities and sentiments. When comparing Israel, Japan, let us look at the feelings of the citizens of those countries towards the country, not their population. This is the solution to our problems.

We have to work on the source of uniting our country apart from trying to break society, destroy its collectivity. Only by joining together can we stay strong. The unity of those who break the country is evident in the society, those who want to divide are engaged in their work. So we have to work more. With total positivity, taking everyone along, considering everyone’s feelings. There are many people who explain why we are different. We need people to tell us why we are one, why we should stay one. For this, many writers like Vasudev Sharan Agarwal, Dharampal, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Maithilisharan Gupta, Jayashankar Prasad, Vidyanivas Mishra, Nirmal Verma, Ramvilas Sharma can show us the way. Awareness of India enlightenment in the country is its mantra.

— Prof. Sanjay Dwivedi

Director General, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

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