जनता से क्यों? नेताओं और अफसरों से होनी चाहिए कर्तव्य निभाने की शुरुआत

There is no doubt that this dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to take the country on the path of progress. The question is where does it start. Actually it should start from the top. Along with rights there should be law for duty.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned civic duty in his address to the nation from the Red Fort on Independence Day. It is said to be the fifth prana shakti. PM Modi said that be it rulers, administrators, police or people, everyone should do their duty. It seems absolutely true that no country can progress fully without civic duty, says the Prime Minister. Here the later question of the duty of the common man arises. The first and basic question of duty is that of officials holding government posts and receiving hefty salaries and facilities based on the taxes of ordinary citizens. The same is the question of those people’s representatives who are wasting precious time and hard earned money and doing indecent acts in making noise and dharna-demonstrations in the parliament meetings. Whether government employees perform their duties honestly in return for pay and facilities. Similarly, are public representatives doing their duty in return for the convenience of salary? It is well known that people’s representatives have turned the highest constitutional institutions into arenas of manipulation. It has not seen some incidents which shame India and democracy. Incidents of beatings, tearing clothes, attacking each other with microphones and chairs, besides obstructing the proceedings of the House during the session, are not too old.

In such a situation leaders and employees who are doing their duty on the basis of common people should do the first thing instead of common people. Legal stricture should be taken with them. Until such irresponsible and incompetent people are punished, it is meaningless to talk to the common people to do their duty. The duty was far from over, but whenever the leaders were raided it was said to be an act of revenge against the opposition parties. Only the government of the party which takes such action has to face such accusations from the opposition. Instead of prosecuting such leaders-officers who have looted the country, the opposition parties unite and come to their rescue. There is hardly any shame left in any party towards such actions. They are not averse to brazenly staging sit-ins to vindicate the party leader who was prosecuted. No party or leader has faith in the court. If there is no evidence, the court may acquit the insult, but these arguments apply only to ordinary people, not to politicians.

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The thing is that even leaders have made laws, but when it comes to implementation, the form changes. No one has any problem if such laws are applied to common people, but when it comes to enforcing laws with equality, the leaders first call themselves above them. It is not easy to teach leaders the lesson of duty. There is not a single political party in the country whose leaders do not have cases like theft, dacoity, corruption, rape, sedition, the only answer to these criminal cases is that the ruling party (government) has taken revenge. Making such involved leaders feel the duty is nothing short of chewing iron gram.

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There is no doubt that this dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to take the country on the path of progress. The question is where does it start. Actually it should start from the top. Along with rights there should be law for duty. People’s representatives-officials who do not perform their duty should be sent directly to jail. Mere verbal appeals will not touch the thick skin of corrupt and useless leaders. If there is a question of expecting duty from the general public of the country then the question is in a country where almost half of the population barely gets one meal a day, no house to live in, no education, basic facilities like water and electricity are available. No, with what face they do. can be expected to perform duty. This population is not even aware of their rights, far from expecting them to perform their duties. The question is what duty can be expected to perform on an empty stomach. Just as the long battle was fought with the British and the kings for the freedom of the country, similarly the path to duty is very tough and full of thorns. Unless it begins with the rulers of the country, its destination will never be reached.

– Yogendra Yogi

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