जंग के बीच भी अपना वादा निभाएगा रूस भारत को 2023 के अंत तक देगा ये घातक हथियार-S-400 Triumph missile will deliver last of 2023 during russia ukraine war

S-400 Triumph- India TV Hindi News
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S-400 Triumph


  • The agreement was signed between the two countries for $5.43 billion.
  • This powerful system has been deployed against Pakistan on the Western Front
  • America had warned India many times to impose sanctions

S-400 Triumph: The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. There was speculation that the delivery of the S-400 would take time due to the war. However, despite this war, India will soon be provided with S-400 air defense systems. According to a report, the delivery of this system to India will begin by the end of the year 2023. This air defense system is said to be the most powerful weapon in the Indian Air Force fleet. The deal with this system was so important for India that it went against the US and made this deal while America had warned India many times to impose sanctions. The first shipment of this system came to India in December 2021. Now its second shipment this year and the rest by the end of next year are likely to arrive in India. People have been sent to Russia to train this system, who will be taught how to operate the system. For this training, 400 airmen went to Moscow.

5 regiments will be available in 2023

The S-400 Triumph SA Growler is a long-range missile defense system used to summon the enemy. Russia’s government agency Military-Technical Corporation, its head Dmitry Shugayev, gave important information about this to the media at the Army 2022 International Military-Technical Forum, which was announced in Moscow. He said the delivery agency for the air defense system will be on schedule. Russia will hand over all 5 regiments of the air defense system to the Air Force by the end of 2023. This information was provided by Alexander Mikheev, CEO of Russia’s official export agency RosoboraneExport. In 2018, when Russian President Vladimir Putin visited India, an agreement was signed between the two countries for $5.43 billion. India had to get 5 systems in this deal

posted on the border with Pakistan
While the Indian Air Force has only one regiment, this powerful system has been deployed against Pakistan on the Western Front. Its second regiment will be deployed against China on the Eastern Front. The equipment for this system came to India from Russia by air and sea. Not only can this system destroy enemy targets at low levels, but at high levels the enemy cannot survive. Besides this, it creates such a circle of many missiles at once, making it very difficult to avoid the target. The air defense system 92N6E is equipped with an electronic radar. Because of this, it is very difficult to block it. This air defense system can destroy enemy aircraft, ballistic missiles and early warning systems. Its range is also from 40 km to 400 km.

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