चंडीगढ़ विश्वविद्यालय की घटना ने छात्रावासों की सुरक्षा पर बड़े सवाल खड़े किये हैं?

What happened in Mohali, Punjab is very shameful and sad in the field of education. The kind of atmosphere being created in universities and colleges is proving fatal not only for our young generation but also for the society.

The alleged obscene video leak case at Chandigarh University in Mohali, Punjab shook the entire country. This shameful and alarming incident of several female students making and sending objectionable videos to others, which has come to light, is sad and shocking on many levels and also exposes the chaotic and unsafe condition of higher educational institutions. This horrible act is playing with the honor and life of the victimized girls. The obscene video episode is a horrifying representation of the extent to which the minds of today’s youth have been polluted in place of values, knowledge and ideals in these temples of learning. This is a serious issue that needs to be discussed.

Given the news that has come so far, it is difficult to understand what was the motive behind a girl studying there secretly filming a video of several other girls taking a bath. What was his own conscience doing if he did so at the behest of a friend! It is natural that university students are upset about this. Her parents are worried. For the last two days, there has been a huge uproar. Thousands of female students are protesting demanding justice. The university has been closed for a week. However, the Punjab Police have arrested the student, her boyfriend and one of her accomplices for allegedly making the obscene video. All wardens of the hostel have been transferred. These measures cannot be said to be very effective considering the seriousness of the incident. That is why the anxiety and anger of the students and their parents does not seem to subside.

Our higher educational institutions are becoming breeding grounds for violence, drugs, drugs, pornography and anti-nationalism. Whatever happened in Mohali is very shameful and sad in the field of education. The kind of atmosphere being created in universities and colleges is proving fatal not only for our young generation but also for the society. Who does not know that not only drugs are available in the university and college campuses of Punjab but the youth generation is prone to many kinds of addictions. Obscene and objectionable provocative scenes with female students are common in this campus. There are reports of weapons being found in the hostel of a popular and prestigious university and some undesirable elements have also been arrested, but such reports are also suppressed due to the omnipresence of the university administration. This mechanized age has completely polluted the social and cultural environment. On one hand we have risen in the technical field and on the other hand we have also fallen morally.

The innocent, youth of the country, especially the students, are sacrificing their lives and purpose of life every day.

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These incidents of promiscuity, sexism, violence and drugs on college campuses are not just smoke but volcanoes. Who doesn’t know what will make you happy. Who does not know what price it will demand from the nation. When the hope of the country stoops to end life for some fun, narrow and non-national interest, indeed even after 75 years long journey of independence the soul of the entire nation weeps at the pitifulness of this. conditions. is These events in student life have outraged most of the students and intellectuals of the country like no other issue has done till date. Why is the youth of the country resorting to promiscuity and anarchy? It is not enough to acquire material prosperity and high titles through education, we should also become better human beings and better citizens through education. For this it becomes necessary to connect with our humble tradition, ideals and life values. Physical development cannot take place without mental development.

Often in such cases the police and college administration try to hide and suppress the truth. The same is being seen in Mohali, due to which the students have lost faith in the police and the university administration and are leaving the hostels and returning home. Now many questions are being raised whether the fierce commotion was just based on rumors or there is any truth to it. The students claim that at least 60 videos have been made of the students. A variety of stories are coming out, telling stories. The truth must come out but the truth will come out only when the case is investigated impartially and honestly. Half truths are sometimes more dangerous than absolute truths.

In this age of information technology, the easy availability of pornographic material on the Internet has come before us as a burning problem. MMS scams are coming out one after another. In fact, the problem is also that parents inculcate the habit of using smart phones in their children at an early age. This later has a bad effect on the innocent mentality of the children. Keeping children away from inappropriate and pornographic content readily available on smart phones is becoming increasingly difficult. Today’s children are not only teenagers but they are becoming young adults right from childhood. The impact of pornographic content available on social sites and other websites is not immune to the personal, family, social and educational institutions of today.

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Like the peeling of an onion in the Mohali episode, the truth is slowly coming out and many angles of the story are beginning to emerge. Was this whole episode staged to blackmail the girls? Now after the video of another girl has come out, the statements of the police and the truth of the matter are also coming out that how the police are telling the truth wrongly. If any other person or group is behind this, they should also be brought to book. Any sensitive person would demand that if these allegations are proved, the culprits should be punished according to law. But the question is also, what is the bathroom arrangement in the hostel which is built for the female students studying in the university so that any student or other person can secretly make a video?

Appropriate arrangements should be made keeping in mind the respect and dignity of the female students. Who is responsible if girl students have to live in such unsafe and neglected conditions? Questions regarding such an arrangement cannot be ignored, especially when news of such an incident has come to light. It is not hidden that in our social environment, nowadays many people carry smartphones equipped with cameras, but very few people are aware of its use and its dangers. Then due to age or other reasons such modern technology is becoming a hindrance in dealing with the psycho-physical upheaval within the youth in a balanced way and keeping themselves mentally healthy and sensitive. If such tendencies ever come to the fore in the form of crime, legal action should be taken against it, but for its long-term solution, care should be taken with social training as well as prudence and sensitivity in using these modern technologies or resources. But it is necessary.

Lalit Garg

(Writer, Journalist, Columnist)

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