गुजरात मॉडल की बात करने वाले मोदी को भी अब योगी मॉडल ही भाता है

When Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav taunted Yogi in a rally during the assembly election campaign, calling him a bulldozer baba, this bet on the SP backfired. After this the bulldozer became an important part of BJP’s campaign.

Modi’s ‘Gujarat Model’ brought a big change in Indian politics. Eight years ago in 2014, Narendra Modi completed the distance from Ahmedabad to Delhi with the help of this Gujarat model. He became the Prime Minister of the country from the Chief Minister of Gujarat. For the first time in the country, BJP has formed a government with a huge majority. All the credit for this was given to Modi and his Gujarat development model, which Modi made a big issue in the general elections. Referring to the Gujarat model in all his public meetings, he claimed that if his government is formed at the Centre, he will develop the entire country on the same lines as Gujarat has developed. Voters who were totally upset with the ten-year tenure of the then Manmohan Singh government listened to Modi and when the Modi government was formed, the Congress fountain was blown away.

It has been more than eight years since Modi became the PM, during which the country is moving forward in the field of development, but now the talk of Gujarat model is nowhere to be heard. The Gujarat model has gone into the background. Now the whole country is dominated by only the Yogi model. People of many states including Delhi seem to be very impressed with Yogi’s modus operandi. Yogi’s style of work has made people believe in Yogi. When criminal or communal forces raise their heads in any part of the country, the same voice is heard, the same method should be adopted to deal with those who spoil the atmosphere of the country or state, as the Yogi Government of Uttar Pradesh adopts with criminals or lawless elements. The question is what is the yogi model? So no need to understand rocket science to understand this.

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Yogi Sarkar’s philosophy is that if a criminal or a miscreant comes forward or tries to spoil the atmosphere behind the scenes, the criminals should be ‘crushed’ like a snake’s coil is crushed. Yogi’s bulldozer starts roaring, whoever tries to disturb the peace and tranquility of the state, first the Yogi Sarkar starts the work of making and checking his ‘Kundli’. After the horoscope is revealed, Yogi’s bulldozer and police force jump into the fray against criminals and rioters. Sometimes the criminal reaches the police station with a plank in his hand to surrender, sometimes the bail is canceled and he goes back behind the bars. Many criminals run away from UP out of fear. The way the Yogi government dealt with rioters in Prayagraj and Kanpur became a precedent in the history of the state.

Similarly, when agitators opposing the CAA set fire and damaged public property, the Yogi government issued orders to confiscate the property of such people and put up their poster-banners in the squares. Which was discussed across the country. People started praising Yogi Sarkar. Now if there are riots in any state then the people there start demanding action against the criminals and rioters like Yogi government. In Bihar, when Nitish Kumar broke the alliance with the BJP and formed a grand coalition government with Lalu Yadav’s party Rashtriya Janata Dal, there was a discussion among the people that now how the BJP will counter this grand coalition, Yogi’s face and his bulldozer model are being discussed. came in The law and order situation in Bihar is bad. Experts are saying that the law and order situation in Bihar could take a big hit in the next few days. The crime graph may also increase. In such a situation, if the next election is fought only on the issue of law and order, then by bringing Yogi’s face forward, BJP can send this message to the public that on the lines Yogi has made UP crime-free, similarly Yogi has made UP crime-free. Bihar has also been made crime-free. This promise given by BJP to the public can prove to be a milestone for it in Bihar.

If we talk about the political stance of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, it is seen that Yogi is in the highest demand after Modi, if there is an election anywhere in the country. Where Yogi goes to campaign, the BJP candidate’s chances of winning increase by 70 percent. After the killing of a Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha leader in Karnataka, BJP leaders and workers began to debate Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath’s bulldozer model against Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, surrounded by sharp questions of his own party organization. Two accused Zakir and Shafiq have been arrested in connection with the murder of BJP leader Praveen Netaru in South Karnataka. But their own activists are upset with the Bomai government. He alleges that the government has failed to protect its own party workers. This class demands that UP’s Yogi model be implemented in Karnataka. Regarding this, CM Bomai says that the situation in Uttar Pradesh is very different from here. Yogiji is perfectly fit for that. We are adopting every method to control the situation in Karnataka. If needed, here too we can adopt the yogic model of governance.

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However, timing is very important in politics. Bomai’s statement also comes at a time when the BJP won a historic victory against Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh in March this year. Let us tell you that since 2014, BJP has fought every election in the country around Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So far, the party has given the message to the people by citing the Gujarat model that how much development has taken place in Gujarat during Modi’s tenure as Chief Minister. The 2017 UP elections were also fought in Modi’s face and after winning, Yogi Adityanath was given the responsibility of CM. Yogi took advantage of this opportunity.

This happened when a party returned to power in Uttar Pradesh after 37 years. In the elections held in March 2022, out of the 403 assembly seats in Uttar Pradesh, the BJP won 255 seats on its own. Soon after this election, the BJP also won by-elections to the Lok Sabha seats of Rampur and Azamgarh, both of which were Samajwadi Party strongholds. Political experts have cited the leadership of Yogi Adityanath along with PM Modi as the main reason for this massive victory.

Be it Karnataka or Madhya Pradesh or any other state. Looking at the current state of the country, it can be said that the government’s strictness against criminals or miscreants is referring to the Yogi model everywhere. When the question arises whether Yogi is a model? There are mixed reactions about this. Whenever someone talks about the CM Yogi model, he is referring to bulldozers. Where bulldozers roar with full force against criminals and lawless elements.

Is the strictness of the Yogi administration the same on the people of all communities? Yogi Adityanath’s success on this issue is that on one hand he has taken strict action against miscreants and on the other hand he has also taught a lesson to Noida’s Srikant Tyagi who insulted women while calling himself BJP leader. Yogi made law and order very strict. Yogi Adityanath in his first term also bulldozed the houses of rioters and criminals as is happening now, which was also criticized.

When Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav taunted Yogi in a rally during the assembly election campaign, calling him a bulldozer baba, this bet on the SP backfired. After this the bulldozer became an important part of BJP’s campaign. The slogans of UP’s compulsion, bulldozer needed and Baba’s bulldozer also echoed. For the first time in CM Yogi’s previous tenure, the house of Vikas Dubey, accused of killing eight policemen in Kanpur, was bulldozed. After this the bulldozer became an example of getting justice for the victim. Similarly, the house of Javed Pump, the alleged mastermind of the recent violence that erupted in Prayagraj, UP, was bulldozed after former BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s controversial comment on the Prophet Mohammad. The pump house was said to be an illegal construction by the administration. In the eyes of experts, the bulldozer process is not just a process of punishing criminals and accused. Behind it is an attempt to send a strong message to criminals and miscreants across the state and now across the country that no one can save those who break the law. Yogi is being identified as an administrator who takes immediate action against crime. Following this fast action formula of the Yogi government, recently the Shivraj government of Madhya Pradesh and the Himanta Biswa Sarma government of Assam have also taken bulldozer action against the accused.

On the other hand, while questioning the working style of the Yogi government, his opponents say that without giving any notice, the house built with lifetime earnings is demolished, if this is done by the government, it will be very beneficial for our country. It is a new and dangerous thing. What it is is setting an example for the rest of the BJP states despite the Yogi government’s criticism for swift action against the accused, ignoring the legal process. Especially in a state like Karnataka which is ahead of Uttar Pradesh on many basic levels like education, health care.

Senior journalist Sunita Aaron, who has closely followed UP politics for decades, says, “When we talk about the Yogi model, it means zero tolerance towards violence. Be it CAA protests, violence after Friday prayers, zero tolerance was maintained in all these matters. Not only the FIRs or arrests but especially the pictures of the accused who damaged government property are made public. It has a lot of impact on social consciousness. No one wants to be seen with people with destructive tendencies.

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Calling the Yogi model for better law and order, BJP spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi says that in the previous governments of UP, criminal gangs ran parallel networks of power. This is the reason why the issue of law and order became a bone of contention in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. During Mulayam Singh’s rule, Amitabh Bachchan had to say that there is power in UP because crime is low here. But the public rejected it. In the last five years we have taken concrete action against mafias and miscreants which was not done in the last 15 years. UP CM Yogi Adityanath himself ordered that loudspeakers of any religious place should not go outside the premises. Under this campaign, the UP government successfully claimed to remove 54000 loudspeakers in a week.

Sunita Aron praised the management of the Yogi government for not protesting despite the removal of loudspeakers from religious places. He said, ‘The Yogi government first removed the loudspeakers from the Mathura temple. After this, Muslims were morally pressured to remove the loudspeakers. Similarly, the matter of Friday prayers only inside the mosque, instead of on the road, was handled quietly. Whether Hindu or Muslim, everyone is told to obey the law. Before the elections this year, Yogi Adityanath himself said that criminals are leaving the state after 2017, not the people.

However, according to a National Crime Records Bureau report, crime in Uttar Pradesh has increased by 28% in 2020 compared to 2019. Apart from this, the highest number of murder and kidnapping cases have also been reported in Uttar Pradesh. But through the 2020 figures, the government also claimed that crimes against women have reduced in the state. Regardless of all this, Yogi is busy with Mission 2024 to make Modi the PM once again.

– Ajay Kumar

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