खौलते तेजाब में मिर्च डालकर पति पर फेंका, रोज-रोज की प्रताड़ना का पत्नी ने ऐसे लिया बदला। throwing chilli in boiling acid on husband wife took revenge for daily harassment

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husband-wife fight


  • Wife took revenge for husband’s assault
  • Wife throws boiling acid on husband
  • police arrested wife

UP Crime News: A heartbreaking incident has come to light in the quarrel between husband and wife in Uttar Pradesh. A wife can be cruel to an extent that you would never have imagined. Let us tell that in Islamnagar Colony of Nawabganj police station area of ​​Bareilly, a wife got so upset with her husband’s daily beating and abuse that she caught cold after heating the acid on the stove to clean the bathroom and threw it on her husband gave. Because of this, the man was badly burned and had to be rushed to hospital. The police have registered a case and arrested the wife.

The man used to beat him every day after drinking alcohol

In Islamnagar Colony of Nawabganj police station area in Bareilly, a woman named Farah got married to Mohammad Yasin six years ago. After the marriage all went well between husband and wife for a few days. But after a few days, their relationship started to sour. Yasin used to beat Farah under the influence of alcohol and used to abuse her severely. The elders in the house tried hard to improve the relationship, but it made no difference to them. Yasin’s daily assaults and abuses continued there. Farah was so upset by her husband’s assault that she made such a terrible plan to take revenge on her husband.

A case has already been registered regarding the altercation

Let us state that Farah had filed a case against Yasin at the women’s police station for harassment by her husband, but the family had entered into a settlement between the two. The matter remained calm for a few days, but again Yasin descended to his cruelty and started mistreating Farah. tortured him in many ways. Tired of all this, Farah decided to teach her husband a lesson and took this dangerous step.

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