केरल: लड़कों के सरकारी स्कूल में लड़कियों का पहला बैच । Kerala News thiruvananthapuram first batch of girls in boys govt school

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Kerala News: Thiruvananthapuram In a government boys’ school in the district, girls came to study on Thursday in different attires. The boys welcomed their new classmates. A day before Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had said that the Liberal government made no decision about the children’s school uniforms. The Government Model Higher Secondary School located in Thiruvananthapuram was till now only for boys and for the first time in class 11th girls have also been admitted. This school was only for boys for the last 40 years. The decision to allow girls access to school has been generally welcomed.

Boys welcome girls by standing at the gate

Some girls told the media that they took admission in this school because they wanted to study with the boys. Some other girl students also expressed similar views and said that they have taken admission here on their own. The parents of a student told the media that their daughter had expressed a desire to study with the boys at the school and therefore they got her admitted here. The boys stood up and welcomed the girls who entered from the gate.

Education Minister V Shivankutty gave this statement
Meanwhile, IUML MLA MK Munir has attacked the state government by saying this. He is a vocal critic of the Liberal government’s gender neutrality policy. Talking to reporters in Kozhikode, Munir said that gender discrimination should be abolished followed by gender sensitivity and gender justice. Addressing reporters in the state capital, Education Minister V Shivankutty said the government had never said that it would compulsorily or compulsorily teach boys and girls together. “The Kerala Chief Minister had made it clear in the assembly yesterday that the government will not impose any mixed school or gender neutral dress code,” he said.

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