कार्तिक आर्यन ने इस फिल्म पर मारा हाथ, अक्षय कुमार का पत्ता किया साफ

Karthik Aryan who has continuously hit the movies of Bollywood’s Khiladi Kumar has another achievement. Now Kartik Aaryan has been roped in for the blockbuster film Hera Pheri 3. This has been confirmed by Paresh Rawal. Karthik will play the role of Akshay Kumar in the film.

His role in Akshay Kumar’s films ‘Heri Pheri’ and ‘Phir Hera Pheri’ has become so liked that from the dialogues of this film to its memes, it is going viral on social media. Fans waited a long time for the third part of the movie which is coming soon but now Akshay Kumar will not be a part of this hit comedy. Akshay’s fans may be shocked by this news.

Actually, the shooting of the film is supposed to start in 2023, but now Akshay Kumar has been replaced by Karthik Aryan in the film. Replacing Akshay in this iconic film is a big feat for Kartik. Let us tell you that this is the second time Karthik has replaced Akshay. Earlier, Karthik also replaced Akshay in Bhool Bhulaiyaa.

Paresh Rawal confirmed

Paresh Rawal, who plays Babu Rao in the film, has confirmed that Kartik Aaryan will be a part of the film. In the film, director Firoz Nadiadwala has roped in Kartik Aaryan instead of Akshay for the role of Raju. The script for the film is currently underway.

The name of the film has not been decided yet

According to the information, this time the makers are also considering to change the name of the film. The movie name could be Hera Pheri 3 or Hera Pheri Reboot. However, there is no confirmation of the name. At the same time, the names of Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal are finalized for the film’s other protagonists like Shyam and Baburao. He also played this character in both the previous films.

Karthik can be seen in dual role

According to sources, the makers are gearing up to bring some twists along with the fun dose in the film. While the script work is going on right now, it is said that Raju might have a double role in the film.

Karthik is busy in many films

Let us tell you that these days Karthik has many films. She is constantly busy with work. His projects include Satyaprem Ki Katha, Aashiqui 3, Pyaar Ka Punchnama 3, Shehzade and now Hera Pheri 3. Karthik will also be seen in the film Captain India, the shooting of which will start next year.

Akshay’s fans got angry
Meanwhile, as soon as Akshay’s fans have come to know that Karthik has replaced Akshay in the film, the fans have become very angry. Fans say that if Akshay Kumar is not there, then there will be no point in making Hera Pheri 3. Fans have told Akshay the life of the film.

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