कांग्रेस को शक कि धामी सरकार ने श्रीकांत त्यागी को दी शरण! माहरा बोले- सैंया भए कोतवाल तो..! । Shrikant Tyagi congress president karan mahra attacks bjp

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Shrikant Tyagi


  • Bulldozers went on illegal construction in Shrikant Tyagi’s Omaxe Society this morning
  • Uttarakhand Congress state president Karan Mahra openly mocked the BJP
  • If BJP says save daughter, understand daughters are in danger: Congress

Shrikant Tyagi: by OP Noida Congress president Karan Mahra has also made a scathing remark about BJP leader Shrikant Tyagi, who fled after misbehaving with a woman. He said that the manner in which Shrikant Tyagi has committed indecency with the woman shows the tactful nature of the BJP. Srikant Tyagi, who belonged to the BJP, had abused and hurled abuse along with a woman in Noida, after which Srikant’s complaint was lodged with the police. The police have registered a case in this matter and are looking for Srikant. According to the latest information, Shrikant Tyagi’s location is told between Haridwar and Rishikesh.

‘What BJP people are saying is just the opposite’

At the same time BJP is getting angry on this matter. In such a situation, Uttarakhand Congress president Karan Mahra has also openly mocked the BJP. He said that what people in the Bharatiya Janata Party are saying is just the opposite. He even said that if BJP says to save daughters, then understand that daughters are in danger. After tracing the location of Shrikant in Uttarakhand, Karan Mahra said that Shrikant Tyagi has come here because there is a BJP government here. Mahara said that Saiya Bhaye Kotwal toh dar kahe ka. He said the police come here only to cope. The police will not arrest the accused Shrikant. Mahara said that it is not that the government has given shelter to Srikant here.

8 teams of police are looking for Shrikant Tyagi
It is worth noting that this morning a bulldozer has gone on illegal construction in Shrikant Tyagi’s Omaxe Society. As soon as the government signaled, the entire government staff started checking Tyagi’s papers. GST has become a case of evasion at 15 of his shops. Wherever the construction has been carried out, its report has been obtained from the authorities. It is being ascertained by whose order the shooter, who was involved in his safety, got it. From politics to bureaucracy, where his godfathers sat, it is investigated. 6 police officers have been suspended so far. Eight teams of police are searching for Shrikant Tyagi. There are many raids going on. A reward of 25 thousand has been kept on him.

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