कर्नाटक में चॉकलेट निगलने से 6 साल की बच्ची की मौत । Karnataka News Udupi 6-year-old girl dies after swallowing chocolate

girl dies after swallowing chocolate- India TV Hindi News
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girl dies after swallowing chocolate


  • Samanvi was a first class student from Vivekananda English Medium School
  • When the girl saw the school bus coming, the girl quickly put the chocolate in her mouth with the wrapping
  • She fell unconscious near the door of the school bus as soon as she swallowed the chocolate.

Karnataka News: and Karnataka Udupi A 6-year-old girl died Wednesday after swallowing chocolate in the village of Bijoor near the town of Bandur in the district. The deceased student has been identified as Samanvi, a Class I student from Vivekananda English Medium School. According to police, the incident took place when the girl got on the school bus near her house. Samanvi was not ready to go to school on Wednesday, but her parents and family members convinced her to go to school. His mother Suprita Pujari gave him a chocolate to celebrate.

Girl swallowed chocolate with wrapping

Police said the girl, when she saw the school bus approaching, hurried with the rapper. chocolate put it in your mouth. The girl swallowed the chocolate along with the wrapping and she fell unconscious near the door of the school bus. Family, friends and the school bus driver immediately got him admitted to a private hospital. But the doctors declared him dead and sent the body for autopsy.

Police say the exact cause of death will not be known until after the autopsy report arrives. The school management has declared a holiday at the school. Bandur police are investigating the case.

5-year-old child ate 4 pills of Manforce Thinking chocolate
Let us at the same time tell you that such a surprising case came up recently from Khagaria in Bihar. Here, a five-year-old child had eaten four pills to increase sexual power. The child had eaten these pills thinking chocolate, after which he started playing. After a while, his condition began to worsen. The child began to feel dizzy and began to writhe. When the parents saw the condition, he took him to the hospital, where he told it all. The doctor treated the child with understanding, after which the child recovered.

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