एयर एशिया की फ्लाइट का टेकऑफ हुआ कैंसिल, रनवे तक होकर वापस बे में लौटा विमान, आखिर क्या हुआ?-AirAsia India flight i5 1427 operating from Pune to Bengaluru cancelled take off

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Air Asia India flight’s take off cancelled

AirAsia India flight departure cancelled: For a while, news related to plane failures in the country has been continuously received. There seems to be some problem in the airlines ships. On Sunday evening, news broke that the take off of Air Asia India flight i5-1427 has been cancelled. There is a technical reason behind this. Due to which the aircraft returned from the runway back to the bay. According to the news, Air Asia India spokesperson said Air Asia India flight i5-1427 from Pune to Bangalore canceled take off and the flight returned due to technical reasons.

A spokesperson for the airline said that we apologize for the inconvenience to the people due to the delay in the landing of the aircraft. Let us tell you that similar news had also come about eight days ago. An engine of an IndiGo flight, which was preparing to take off from Delhi to Bengaluru on Friday, caught fire. Due to this, a state of emergency was declared at Delhi airport. Sources provided this information. Sources said the Bengaluru-bound A320 aircraft later returned to the parking lot and the 180 people on board were landed safely.

sparks were seen flying from the engine

A video on Twitter showed sparks flying from an engine of a plane preparing to take off at the airport. The incident happened around 10:00 p.m. In a statement, IndiGo said flight 6E2131, flying from Delhi to Bengaluru, experienced an engine spark before take-off. The statement said: ‘The move has been stopped. All passengers are forced to sit on an alternative flight. There were 177 passengers and seven crew members on board the plane. Later, the passengers were taken down safely, he said.

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