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Know everything about airbags


  • airbag
  • is mounted in the front dashboard
  • The airbag becomes like a balloon

Know everything about airbags: Recently, Cyrus Mistry died in a road accident after which all safety related to the road started to be discussed all over India. Moreover, people are generally seen not to be aware of road safety in India. Because of which traffic accidents happen every day. After the death of Cyrus Mistry, the Ministry of Transport also became very active. Make small films to make people aware through advertising so that when people ride bicycles or other vehicles on the road, they must follow all safety rules.

In this sequence, keeping in mind the safety standards, the central government had decided to make airbags mandatory in cars, but so far this proposal has been postponed. According to the information provided by Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari, this rule has now been postponed till October 1. The same car companies are also working on a plan to make airbags mandatory. This requirement will be introduced after 1 year.

You will have many questions in your mind

After the death of Cyrus Mistry, there was a lot of discussion about airbags and a lot of searches on Google related to it. Today we will try to answer all questions related to airbags. Some such questions must have arisen in your mind. How much does it cost to install an airbag, can an airbag be installed in an old vehicle? What is the system of this airbag and how does it work. Apart from this, the government is also giving a lot of importance to airbags, so let us know about the answers to all these questions.

What is the Airbag System?
When you hear the name airbag, it seems that a bag that only contains air. Let us tell you that it is made of cardboard and silicone coating is made on it. The same sodium gas is filled. It is mounted in the front dashboard of the vehicle. This airbag reduces the risk of death. When the car collides with someone, the airbag becomes like a balloon. And as soon as there is a collision, the airbag catches the person.

After all, how does it work?
Now the question must come in your mind, what is the process of how it works. How does the airbag know that an accident has occurred? Now how it works, let us explain it to you in detail. The airbag rests solely on a sensor. Sensors are installed near the hood of the car. As soon as the car collides, these sensors are activated just as quickly, after which it does not take a second for the airbag to deploy. It is believed that the speed of the airbag is up to 300 kilometers per hour.

How does the airbag become full?
Behind the airbag is a cylinder of sodium azide gas, this cylinder is in chemical form and the most important thing is that if hit quickly it turns into gas immediately. A little sodium azide gas turns into nitrogen gas. Let us tell you that there are wires running from the sensor to the gas cylinder and when the accident happens, they supply electrical current to the cylinder, after which the solid chemical turns to gas and the airbag becomes full. All this process takes only microseconds.

Is it possible to get airbags in used cars?
Not all older cars can be equipped with airbags. If you are thinking about getting an airbag in your old car, let us tell you that the older your car is, the more money will be spent on installing the airbag. You can remove the steering system of your old car and get such a steering system that can easily fit the airbag system, but for your information, let us tell you that this system may not fit in all old cars.

If we talk about its cost, 4 to 5 lakh rupees will be spent. There will also be no guarantee of safety. The reason for this is that every time a new car comes on the market, a lot of tests are done while it is being manufactured, then the airbag is fitted with that car. The airbag is specially designed for that car only.

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