एजुकेशन लोन को पढ़ाई के बजाय शेयर मार्केट में निवेश करने के बाद छात्र लापता । Hyderabad News student missing after investing education loan into share market

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Hyderabad News: Hyderabad An engineering student in education loan disappeared after investing in the stock market. The student studied engineering and for this he had borrowed money from his parents and the bank. At the same time, he made excuses at his father’s request. Rahul, a third-year B.Tech student at a private engineering college in the state, went missing from a bus stand at Patancheru in Sangareddy district.

Educational loan of Rs 1.10 lakh was taken from the bank

According to the police, the student, who is a resident of Medak, had taken one lakh rupees from his parents to pay the fees. Apart from this, he also took an education loan of Rs 1.10 lakh from State Bank of India. When he did not pay the fees with this money when asked by his parents, Rahul said he lent the money to Jayavardhan, his friend in Patancheru.

Father continued to wait at the bus station, but the son did not return
On this, Rahul’s father Madhusudan insisted to go to Jayavardhan’s house and bring the money. When they left for Patancheru on September 15 on a bike, Rahul asked them to stop at the bus station. Rahul asked his father to stop at the bus station, he is coming from the toilet right now. Madhusudan kept waiting but the son Rahul did not return. Later, Madhusudan approached the Patancheru police and filed a missing complaint. The police state that they have registered a case and are investigating the matter.

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