एकतरफा प्रेम में मुस्लिम युवक ने युवती की गला दबाकर की हत्या, शादीशुदा होने के बाद भी जबरन रखना चाहता था संबंध

Youth in police custody.- India TV Hindi News

Young people in police custody.

A case of murder of a girl in a love affair has come to light in Sector 45, Burail, Chandigarh. Police said 25-year-old Muslim youth Mohammad Shariq strangled 18-year-old Hindu girl Mamta to death. The accused youth is a resident of Bela village in Madhubani, Bihar. The girl is said to be a resident of Hardoi in Uttar Pradesh. The police arrested the accused youth Mohammad Shariq from Sector-43 bus stand. The accused tried to flee out of Chandigarh after the incident. The deceased’s mother had filed a complaint in the case. On the complaint of the deceased’s mother, the police have filed a case against the accused under the section of murder.

The accused was married but still wanted a relationship

In the investigation, the police came to know that the accused youth had come to Chandigarh three years back to get a job. Here he worked with food delivery. It is said that the girl, who lives with her family, had come to live in front of the house for rent two and a half years ago. During this they both met and the meeting turned into friendship. The girl knew that accused Mohammad Shariq was married. Therefore, the girl rejected Modammad Shariq, who pressured the accused to forcefully have an affair, and also stopped talking to him.

was killed by suffocation

The deceased’s mother used to support her family by cleaning the nearby houses and her father lived in the native village. The girl’s brother is a student in the 8th grade. On the day of the murder, when he returned home in the afternoon, he found the main gate of the house open. When he entered, he found his sister unconscious on the bed. After which he told this to his mother. When the mother saw this, she called the people nearby. The girl was immediately taken to the Government Multispeciality Hospital, Sector-16. Where the doctors declared the girl dead.

The young man was in the girl’s room for 1 hour before the murder

Two months ago, following a complaint from the girl’s mother, where the accused youth lived in a rented house, the landlord had his room vacated two months ago. After the incident, when the police checked the CCTV camera, it was found that the accused stayed with the girl in his room for an hour and then fled from there. Later, the girl’s family learned that she had suffocated to death.

was behind for a long time

Chandigarh Police said that in the initial investigation, this case appears to be of one-sided love and the investigation will also be conducted from the same angle. The police are also trying to establish whether the girl was raped before the murder. According to the police, the deceased’s mother told that the boy used to forcefully ask her daughter to have an affair. The girl refused him because she knew he was married.

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