उपराष्ट्रपति वेंकैया नायडू के फेयरवेल में बोले प्रधानमंत्री मोदी- उनकी विदाई संभव नहीं

PM Modi bids farewell to Venkaiah Naidu - India TV Hindi News
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PM Modi bids farewell to Venkaiah Naidu


  • Outgoing Vice President Venkaiah Naidu bid farewell
  • Prime Minister praises Vice President for his cheeky remarks
  • During his tenure, the work of the Rajya Sabha increased by 70 percent.

Venkaiah Naidu Farewell: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that as far as he knew outgoing Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu, his farewell was not possible as people would keep calling him one thing or the other. Addressing an event organized by Members of Parliament at Parliament House to bid farewell to Naidu, the Prime Minister said that a collection of good words would carry forward the legacy of Naidu, who always promoted the use of mother tongue in the Upper House and elsewhere.

Praised the Vice President for his cheeky remarks

Prime Minister Modi said that Naidu has the unique distinction of handling both the urban development and rural development departments of the central government. He said that Naidu is perhaps the only person who was a member of the Rajya Sabha and became its Speaker. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday praised Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu for his eloquence and witty one-sentence remarks and said there was a 70 per cent increase in Rajya Sabha work during his tenure.

The importance of every Indian language in the house in the presence of Naidu
Bidding farewell to Naidu in the Rajya Sabha, the Prime Minister said that as Speaker of the Upper House, he always encouraged dialogue and set many benchmarks that would continue to guide his successors as a legacy. Naidu’s tenure ends on August 10. Modi said Naidu always insisted that creating unrest in the house beyond a certain limit amounted to contempt. He said the Speaker always worked on the principle of “let the government move the motion, let the opposition oppose it and let the house find its solution”. He said: “Your work, your experiences will certainly inspire all members in the future. In your unique way, you have set such standards for the running of the house, which will continue to inspire those who hold this post.

The Prime Minister said that every Indian language has been given special importance during the proceedings in the House in the presence of Naidu as Chairman of the Rajya Sabha and he worked for the promotion of all Indian languages ​​in the House.

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