उत्तर प्रदेश में आकाशीय बिजली की चपेट में आने से पांच लोगों की मौत, 8 घायल। Five killed, 8 injured due to lightning in Uttar Pradesh

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  • 5 killed in lightning strike in Uttar Pradesh
  • Two died in Gorakhpur, two in Lalitpur and one in Sambhal.
  • Eight people have been injured in various districts

News in Uttar Pradesh: Five people died on Saturday after being struck by lightning in Gorakhpur, Lalitpur and the Sambhal districts of Uttar Pradesh. This information was given in a statement issued Saturday night from the Office of the Emergency Relief Commissioner, the Government of Uttar Pradesh. According to the statement, two people died in Gorakhpur, two in Lalitpur and one in Sambhal due to lightning strikes on Saturday. Apart from this, eight people have been injured in Lalitpur. According to the statement, Uttar Pradesh’s Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed to give Rs 4 lakh each to the relatives of the deceased. The wounded are being treated.

Call the toll-free number for information about the accident near Amarnath Cave

According to the statement, the tax commissioner’s office operates a 24-hour state-of-the-art emergency operations center free of charge to help and obtain information on the people caught or missing in the cloudburst incident near Amarnath Cave in Jammu and Kashmir on Friday. Number 1070 can be contacted for any kind of information or help. At least 16 people were killed and several others disappeared after a cloudburst near Amarnath Cave in Jammu and Kashmir on Friday. The search continues for missing persons.

Water entered the base camp outside the sanctuary, causing damage to 25 tents and three communal kitchens. The rescue operation was launched again on Saturday morning and six pilgrims were rescued by helicopter. Patients are taken to Nilagarar Heliport, where military medical teams treat them, and they are sent back.

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