इस वजह से दबाव में आकर चीन अपनी सेना पीछे हटाने पर मजबूर हुआ

One more thing and now army will withdraw from Gogra-Hotsprings (PP-15) only, army will not withdraw from entire Ladakh border. That is why India also says that it will continue to pressure China to withdraw its troops from the Dapsang-Damchak area as well.

Good news from Ladakh border. It is reported that Indian and Chinese troops have started a coordinated and planned retreat in the Gogra-Hot Springs PP-15 area. This information has been given in the joint statement of India-China. According to the consensus reached at the 16th round of India-China Corps Commander level meeting, Indian and Chinese troops have started a coordinated withdrawal in the Gogra-Hotsprings (PP-15) area, the Ministry of Defense said. In a planned way.. it will help create a peaceful environment in the border areas.

The decision of India and China to withdraw the army is very good. But it should be followed sincerely. Because this does not happen from China. China often does not stick to its word. That ends the problem in one place. Elsewhere a new front begins. It has been stated that this time the decision to withdraw the army was taken in the 16th round meeting of the Indo-China Corps Commander level. The meeting was held on 17th July at the Chushul-Moldo border meeting on the Indian side. In this, both sides agreed to maintain security and stability on the ground in the western region. Meanwhile, it was agreed to withdraw troops from Patrol Point 15 in the Hot Springs area. The 16th round of military talks lasted for about twelve and a half hours. Meanwhile, India once again pressured China to completely withdraw its troops from the disputed areas of eastern Ladakh.

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Whatever may be said about the troop withdrawal, the truth is that China agreed to the troop withdrawal because Uzbekistan has the annual summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on September 15-16. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend this convention. China felt that the meeting could not be expected to succeed in this tense environment. India is making the world aware of China’s misdeeds on such platforms. Had this meeting not taken place, China may never have come to terms with its actions. His armies were deployed as they were. The same happened during the Doklam dispute. For three months, the armies of India and China faced each other here. China wanted to build a road from here. India was adamant that it would not allow the road to be built. Indian soldiers shot down Chinese road construction equipment. There too the situation remained critical for three months. The armies of both the countries were facing each other. The meeting of BRICS countries was to be held in China. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was going to attend the BRICS summit in China. China feared that if Modi refused to participate in the meeting because of his attitude, the meeting would not be successful. All responsibility for this will be placed on him. He took interest in resolving the dispute for the meeting of BRICS countries. The same has happened this time because of the Shanghai Summit.

After the BRICS meeting in May 2020, China raised a dispute on the India-Ladakh border. India has since deployed its troops near Patrol Point 15 in front of Chinese troops. India and China have also removed troops from both sides of the Pangong Tso Lake under an agreement reached a few months ago. In fact, China has made a habit of taking advantage of such controversies. He stirs up controversy and deploys his army to intimidate the opposing country. By doing so, he starts building in the area next to it, which is controversial. While Morcho continues to raise objections against the country being built in its area.

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One more thing and now army will withdraw from Gogra-Hotsprings (PP-15) only, army will not withdraw from entire Ladakh border. That is why India also says that it will continue to pressure China to withdraw its troops from the Dapsang-Damchak area as well. However, a decision has been taken to remove the army from that place. It is good whatever is very good. But China cannot be trusted. He has never been honest with contracts. Army needs to be completely withdrawn from Ladakh border. However, no one is afraid of China’s assertiveness on the Ladakh border after the Doklam dispute. After Doklam, he deployed the army on the Ladakh border for almost two and a half years, but to no avail. The same thing happened in the Taiwan region. China flared up after US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. He began maneuvering near his border to intimidate Taiwan. Taiwan could not cross the border. In a way, he kept jumping out of the wrestling ring. His intention seemed to be to insert his army into Taiwan at any time in the name of exercises, like the Russian army that invaded Ukraine, but that did not happen.

After American warships reached Taiwan territory, he also thought it best to stop jumping off the field. Meanwhile, Taiwan shot down a Chinese drone that crossed its border. Bullying and arrogant China said nothing when it shot down its drone. He has not reacted to such a big incident. While it is the second largest power in the world today and Taiwan is nothing compared to it.

No matter what China pretends, it seems that its internal situation is not good. While the world has almost got Corona under control, many places in China are still under lockdown. Dussehra festival is celebrated in Nepal as Dashin. This is the biggest festival of Nepal. People do a lot of shopping on this occasion. China stopped trucks from entering Nepal carrying goods for sale during these festivals from China. The trucks are loaded with clothes, electronic devices, fruits and other items. Now these trucks are not getting permission to enter Nepal itself. The Chinese government has ordered that vehicles carrying goods will not be allowed to enter Lhasa. Due to the ongoing corona virus infection in Tibet, China has declared a lockdown here. It is being told that more than 200 containers have been stopped in Kerong and around 100 containers in Khasa. On the other hand, China’s economic situation is so bad that banks are unable to pay depositors’ money. Chinese army tanks had to be deployed around the bank to stop the hordes of depositors and their attacks. The recent floods in China have also caused great loss of life and property. It looks like a Chinese fox grappling with an internal situation threatening, but cowering while fighting. By the way, it is also good that war should not happen. The longer war is avoided the better. There is great loss of life and property in war. Countries involved in war lag behind in development.

Ashok Madhup

(The writer is a senior journalist)

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