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  • Voter list errors will be removed
  • Work on one nation one voter id
  • Uniform voter list will be issued for each election

Major changes in the voter list: You must have been bothered at one point or another by the frequent errors in the voter list. Many times you have to go round offices to get the errors in name, age and address corrected. In this both your money and time would be wasted. But now you don’t have to worry. Keeping your difficulties in mind, the Election Commission of India will make many major changes in the voter list which will get rid of all the problems you are facing.

Details will be matched with voter list and aadhar

The Electoral Commission has given instructions to remove the inconsistencies in the voter list across the country. So people don’t have to get rid of small mistakes and for this they don’t have to go around the offices. For this, the voter list of all the voters will now be matched with their Aadhaar. It will be updated if details like name, address and age etc. If a person’s voter list and Aadhaar details are different, he will be informed and asked to provide the correct details. So the errors can be updated forever further.

Aadhar link to voter list optional but beneficial for voters
Following the Supreme Court order, the Election Commission of India has termed the decision to link Aadhaar with the electoral roll as optional. That is, if the voters want, they can get their Aadhar card linked with their voter list. It depends on their wish, but it is said to be only for the benefit of the voters. The biggest advantage of this will be that there will be no possibility of errors in the voter list. The list will be updated by matching the details of Voter ID and Aadhar Card. This will remove the inconsistencies of voters in the future.

You will be able to vote at the booth even if you provide the aadhar number

Voters whose Aadhar card will be linked with voter ID will be able to vote easily even if their name is not there in the voter list. For this, voters have to provide their Aadhaar number. Until now, even after having voter ID many times, the name of the voters did not appear in the voter list. This disenfranchised him.

One list for all choices
The Electoral Commission works in such a way that a single voter list will now be sent out for all the elections. Till now, separate electoral rolls for Panchayat elections have been issued for Municipal, Vidhansabha and Lok Sabha elections. By making a mistake, the names of the voters were removed. As a result, a large number of voters were unable to vote. Having separate lists made it easy to abuse. The people’s representatives were also accused of preparing the voter list after their own. But now this cannot happen. Only one voter list will be issued for all elections.

the dead will no longer be able to vote
The biggest challenge for the Election Commission is to remove the names of the dead from the electoral roll. Its verification is in full swing. Because even after the death of the person, his name used to be on the voter list. In such a situation, voting was done on behalf of influential persons through another person in the name of the same voter. Following the changes to the voter list, this will no longer happen.

one nation one voter id
At present, many voters have their names in the electoral roll of various states and assemblies. Even more malpractices occur during the voting. A voter votes in many places and in many states. No one can stop him because he has a valid voter ID and voter list. But now the One Nation One Voter ID is being worked on. Under this, a voter will have only one voter ID in the entire country. With this, he will only be able to vote in one place. Fake voter ID cards will be cancelled.

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