आजाद भारत की ये 5 बड़ी उपलब्धियों ने दुनिया में बजाया डंका-five big achievements of independent India

75 Years of Independence - India TV Hindi News
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75 years of independence


  • It is the only 9th country in the entire world that has a nuclear bomb.
  • Aryabhatta satellite was launched on 19 April 1975
  • A few years after independence there was war with China in 1962 and war with Pakistan in 1965.

75 years of independence: 75 years of independence will soon be over. The country is celebrating the 75th Amrit Mahotsav on this occasion. When our country became independent, our country was backward in every respect. The British had plundered India many times as much as India had modernized. The country, which was called the golden bird, was plunged into poverty, hunger and destitution by the British. The country’s economic condition had completely deteriorated. In these 75 years our country has changed rapidly and there are some such achievements that we are proud to know. Today we will tell you about these achievements.

1. Independent India’s greatest achievement was the Green Revolution. A few years after independence there was war with China in 1962 and with Pakistan in 1965. India’s position was shattered by both wars. There was a serious shortage of food grains in the country. Then the then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri appealed to the people to fast for 1 day so that the soldiers of the country could get food for both times. At the same time, the prime minister placed great emphasis on the green revolution. After the Green Revolution, a new energy was born among the farmers of India. After this revolution there was never a shortage of food grains in the country. Currently, India exports food grains to many countries.

2. When we were struggling with hunger, pauperism, countries like America and Russia took their steps in space. We could not even imagine at that time that one day we would find water on the moon and reach Mars. We got to Mars on the lowest budget. Seeing this, the world’s largest defense budget space agency was shocked. We first launched the Aryabhata satellite on 19th April 1975. Today our country is also launching satellite to other countries.

3. After the 1962 war with China, it was realized that there was a need to strengthen internal security. We did the work that shocked the whole world. The atomic bomb and strengthened its strength in defense. We did nuclear bomb training in Pokhran under the nose of the US. On May 11, 1998, we had trained 3 nuclear bombs in Pokhran. Today we come in the category of nuclear country. It is the only 9th country in the entire world that has a nuclear bomb.

4. With the independence of India, we were gifted with many such diseases, which was a challenging task to manage. Polio and smallpox were such diseases. A large population of India was affected by this. Today we have conquered polio. Polio was completely eradicated from India.

5, On August 15, 1947, we did not even know the word technology. Today it is famous all over the world in terms of IT. Looking at cities like Bangalore and Gurugram, it seems that you cannot be a part of India, but it is a reality. In all the software that works in the world today, Indians have contributed a lot of software. Today, big companies of the world are establishing their market in India.

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