अधिकारियों के बड़े फेरबदल से एक बार फिर पुख्ता हुई योगी की सख्त प्रशासक वाली छवि

The Chief Minister’s Office is keeping a close eye on the disposal of public grievances. The ranking of departments is released on the basis of complaints received through Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS) and CM Helpline (1076).

The image of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath is becoming more of a ‘Jananayak’ leader than a Yogi. The speed with which people’s problems are being solved in Yogi Raj is not seen in previous governments. People’s problems used to get stuck in red tape. Because the officials had no interest in the work of the people. Many governments lost power because of this attitude of officials, but the bureaucracy did not change its attitude. Such an attitude of bureaucrats was also seen in Yogi Raj, but Yogi did not hesitate to take strict action against such officials. However powerful such officers may be, they are now being sidelined. This trend has intensified in the Yogi-II government. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who gave priority to solving all kinds of public problems on the spot, is now busy tightening the screws of lazy officials. The Chief Minister’s Office is keeping a special eye on those districts from where maximum number of people reach the Chief Minister’s Janata Darbar. It is believed that people come to Lucknow with complaints from districts because their grievances are not redressed in the district. On the basis of people coming from all districts in Janata Darshan, it is decided which district official is doing his work so negligently. Such officials are removed from important posts or even suspended as punishment. The Center has also been written to sack or terminate several negligent bureaucrats.

After Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath transferred 16 senior IAS officers, he is now targeting 73 officers who are less interested in solving public problems. Notice has been given to these officials. Seeing the strict stance of CM Yogi Adityanath, it is believed that most of these officers are set to undergo a job change. Along with the five commissioners, there are ten district magistrates under CM Yogi Adityanath’s purview, who are directly responsible for solving public problems. Along with this, three ADGs and five IGs who have taken a lax attitude in law and order work are also on CM Yogi Adityanath’s radar.

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Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has made immediate resolution of people’s problems his top priority. Even after this the authorities have nothing to do with it. What to do with district police stations and taluks, there is a long list of department heads, divisional commissioners, district magistrates, ADGs, IGs and SSPs sitting at the government level, which have proved to be stumbling blocks in the resolution. public problems. CM Yogi Adityanath, who had warned the officials when the problems of the districts would come up in the chief minister’s Janata Durbar, is now going to take a big step.

The Chief Minister’s Office is keeping a close eye on the disposal of public grievances. The ranking of departments is released on the basis of complaints received through Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS) and CM Helpline (1076). A complete report is being prepared by the responsible officers in the departments where complaints are more pending. A similar report has been prepared in July, in which officials from the government to the police station-tehsil level have come on the chief minister’s radar. An official spokesperson said that based on this report, notices have been issued to ten heads of departments, five divisional commissioners, ten district magistrates, five development authority vice-chairmen, five municipal commissioners and ten tehsils. Similarly, explanations have been sought from police stations including three ADGs, five IG-DIGs, SSPs and SPs of the police department.

Annoyed Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has sought an explanation from all these 73 officials who are not interested in solving the problems of the people. If many of these are not answered satisfactorily, the course of action is almost certain. The Chief Minister has instructed to take action against officials who are reluctant to resolve public issues on the Jansunwai portal. Sources said that among the departments which are considered worst performing are recruitment, personnel, AYUSH, technical education, agricultural marketing, infrastructure and industrial development, housing and urban planning, vocational education, Namami Ganga, rural water supply, environment, forest and climate. Included. including changes etc. It is said that all the officers of the said department show little or no interest in immediate resolution of people’s problems. Such officials have proved to be a hindrance in solving the problems of the people.

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After the assembly elections, when the much-awaited administrative reshuffle was carried out by the state government on the last day, the ground slipped from under many veteran bureaucrats. By giving chance to new faces in place of old veterans, the government has given a clear indication that only people working in the government will get a chance. With the exit of retired Additional Chief Secretary Home Awanish Awasthi, the change in regime has created a stir from Lucknow to Delhi. It has been made clear to the ministers and officers related to the Deputy Chief Minister through the side line that the policy of zero tolerance in matters related to the image of the government and people will be worked on. By sending ACS Navneet Sehgal of the MSME, Information and Khadi and Village Industries Department to the Sports Department and bringing Mahesh Gupta back to the mainstream to take charge of important departments like Power, the Additional Chief Secretary to the Governor made a shocking allegation for the corridors of governance. Power and Politics..

Sources believe that the transfer list of bureaucrats at the level of Principal Secretary and Additional Chief Secretary may have been released overnight, but it was being prepared almost a month ago. In the event that Awasthi did not get an extension, his house, the privacy department was to be given to an official who could meet the Chief Minister’s expectations in coordination with the trusted officer and the police. Sanjay Prasad, who has been working as Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister for almost three years, was considered the most qualified officer for this. The MLAs, MPs and government ministers of the ruling party were also giving information about the lack of interest in the functioning of the Village Development Department on behalf of the Agricultural Production Commissioner. According to sources, even Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya was not particularly satisfied with the performance of Manoj Kumar Singh. Therefore, the government has appointed Dr. Himanshu Kumar, an officer from APC who has a strict image regarding the functioning of the rural development department, in the rural development department. After the Hathras incident, Additional Chief Secretary Navneet Sehgal was returned to the Information and Public Relations department. Even the government was not satisfied with his work so he was removed and sent to a minor department like sports. The decision to remove Sehgal from the mainstream ahead of the Global Investors Summit is being interpreted differently.

– Ajay Kumar

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