‘अच्छे फॉर्म में दिख रहे कोहली’, महामुकाबले से पहले बोले रोहित शर्मा, प्लेइन-11 चुनना आसान काम नहीं

Indian captain Rohit Sharma also spoke about Virat Kohli. He said our hitting coach decides who will hit in the nets. Virat Kohli looks in good form. Corona has affected everyone in terms of mental health.

Dubai. Asia Cup 2022 has started. With this, all eyes are on the great match between India vs Pakistan, which will be played on 28 August. Mahamukbala will be played at Dubai International Stadium. Meanwhile, Indian captain Rohit Sharma spoke openly about ‘Mahamukabale’ during the press conference in Dubai. He said our team is ready for the match. At the same time, he said that choosing Plain-11 is not an easy task.

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Kohli looks in good form

Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma also spoke about Virat Kohli. He said our hitting coach decides who will hit in the nets. Virat Kohli looks in good form. In terms of mental health, Corona has affected everyone and it was a difficult time for all players, but everyone comes out of it in their own way.

According to the report of news agency ANI, Rohit Sharma said that when we are on the field, the fans will both watch the match and meet the players. As for the rivalry, we see a good match when two big teams play. As players, we just want to focus on our game. Our hitting coach decides who will hit the nets. Virat Kohli looks in good form. We have prepared hard for this.

Rohit Sharma didn’t reveal the game 11 but he said that there is a lot of grass on the pitch so it remains to be seen how the pitch is on the day of the match, on that basis will pick game 11. Let us tell you that both India and Pakistan are coming to to clash in the big match without their top class bowler. In such a situation, it will be very interesting to see which bowler the teams choose instead of Jasprit Bumrah and Shaheen Shah Afridi.

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In fact, in the T20 World Cup match at the Dubai International Stadium last year, Pakistan defeated the Indian team by 10 wickets for the first time. Shaheen Shah Afridi was adjudged the man of the match in Mahamukabale as he gave the Indian team the initial setbacks. After which the team could not recover. However, Pakistan’s team will enter the field without Shaheen Shah Afridi.

Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma said that this is a new tournament and we will start from scratch. There is no need to think much about what happened earlier. Since then we have played a lot of matches. Now this is a new beginning for us. Opposing teams present challenges, so there is a need to react.

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