अगर चलती ट्रेन में ड्राइवर को नींद लग जाए तो क्या होगा, कई लोगों को नहीं है ये जानकारी What happens if the driver falls asleep in running train

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Facts about Indian Railways


  • Around 1000-1500 passengers travel in a passenger train.
  • It is fourth in terms of railway network worldwide and second in Asia.
  • Braking starts after 17 seconds.

Facts about Indian Railways: To go from one corner to another in India, we all give the train first priority. It is a means by which both the rich and the poor can travel. Our railway network has spread from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. It is fourth in terms of railway network worldwide and second in Asia. Now let’s talk about the problem. You travel by train every day. The train you are traveling on, you must have seen that an engine pulls the entire box, i.e. understand in simple language that it controls. There is a driver in the same engine, who is called a loco pilot in railway parlance. What if the train is moving and the loco pilot driving the train is caught in the eye? have you ever wondered. Questions must arise in your mind, so let us give you detailed information about it.

If the train is running and the driver fell asleep?

Around 1000-1500 passengers travel in a passenger train, in such a situation the responsibility of the driver increases to bring the passengers safely to their destination. For this, the railway provides two drivers in the train. We call the other as Assistant Loco Pilot. If one driver falls asleep, the other driver takes over the front. If disturbances are detected, the second chief assistant immediately wakes the driver. If there is any problem with the engine or both drivers, inform the upcoming station so that the problem is solved at the next station.

What if both drivers fell asleep?

We hoped this thing would get into your hearts and minds, so let’s talk about it. If both pilots fall asleep, then the Railways has invented a technique in such a case. A vigilance control unit is installed in the engine of the train, its task is that if the driver does not take any action for one minute, the unit starts showing an audio-visual indication within 17 seconds. The driver must accept by pressing the button. If the driver does not react, braking starts after 17 seconds.

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